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A descriptive comparative-correlational design will be utilized. The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire and a motivation scale will be administered to 294 instructors to assess transformational leadership styles (idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, individual consideration) and types of motivation (power, achievement, affiliation, competence). Quantitative data will be analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results will determine if there are significant relationships between leadership styles and motivation, which can inform leadership training programs. This addresses a gap in understanding transformational leadership and instructor motivation in the Chinese higher education context.</p> 志菁 刘 Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 214 223 Research on the Application of Expressive Art Therapy in the Teaching of Mental Health Education Courses for College Students <p>Mental health education courses hold a pivotal role in nurturing the psychological well-being of college students and shaping their future development. This paper explores the integration of expressive art therapy into mental health education courses and its impact on college freshmen's mental health and classroom satisfaction. Drawing on a non-random cluster sampling method, 198 students from a university in Shandong Province participated, with half forming the experimental expressive art group and the other half constituting the control traditional group. Results demonstrated that the expressive art group experienced significant improvements in mental health, with higher scores in self-affirmation and lower scores in anxiety and depression compared to the control group. The study emphasizes a student-centered approach, focusing on experiential learning and self-expression, facilitated through music, painting, and psychodrama. It also highlights the role of expressive arts therapy in reducing self-defense mechanisms, enhancing selfexpression, and challenging negative cognitions. While the study shows promise, future research should consider longterm effect and qualitative assessments to comprehensively evaluate the clinical significance of expressive art group therapy.</p> XUE SONG Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 198 201 Research on the Symbiotic and Reciprocal Relationship between Yellow River Culture and the Overall Environment in Moral Education during the New Era <p>Abstract:This thesis investigates the symbiotic relationship between the Yellow River culture and moral education's entire environment, exploring their interaction and mutual influence. It emphasizes the importance of preserving and promoting China's rich traditional culture, with the Yellow River being of particular significance as the cradle of Chinese civilization. The Yellow River culture, as an integral part of Chinese tradition, embodies spiritual qualities, reverence for nature, and the wisdom of its people. The study aims to analyze the impact of the Yellow River culture on moral education, examine the integration of the entire environment concept within the culture, and explore the symbiotic relationship between the Yellow River culture and the moral education environment. The research methodology involves a literature review and case study analysis, drawing on academic papers and empirical data.Preserving and revitalizing the Yellow River culture is crucial for its development, requiring collaborative efforts from educational and research institutions. Adapting to the digital era, the culture must be disseminated and promoted through new media and technology. Exploring the symbiotic relationship between the Yellow River culture and the moral education environment is essential to understand the interplay and influence among culture, individuals, and the environment. The study's findings have practical implications for education, culture, and environmental preservation, enabling the preservation of Chinese traditional culture, fostering environmental awareness, and providing policy recommendations and strategies for cultural construction and environmental protection.</p> Yaping Sun Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 129 133 10.55014/pij.v6i3.426 Policy Analysis of China's Principal Rank System for Primary and Secondary Schools : Policies, Challenges, and Future Directions <p>The Principal Rank System for primary and secondary schools has undergone a nearly 30-year pilot phase, representing a significant reform in the realm of education management in China. However, challenges persist in advancing this reform, and the overall progress has been sluggish. This paper conducts a literature-based examination of the policy background and the implementation of the Principal Rank System. During the promotion of this reform, the implementation of the Principal Rank System encounters multiple challenges, including passive responses from certain principals, inquiries into the determination of principal professional ranks, and the varied impacts of the salary incentive mechanism. This paper analyzes these issues and proposes solutions to address them. It is imperative to establish a unified and stringent principal admission system, develop a comprehensive principal evaluation framework, modernize the principal training mechanism, set forth a rational principal ranking system, enhance the principal duty station exchange system, address income disparities among regions, and augment feedback mechanisms following expert reviews to foster holistic educational development. </p> HuaDong Wang Chao Ma Lijiao Pei Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 193 197 10.55014/pij.v6i3.463 EnhancingSocialAdaptabilityofHigherVocationalGraduatesforEffectiveElderlyCareServicesintheContextofanAgingPopulation <p>The rise in global life expectancy driven by economic growth has led to an increasingly aging population, thus highlighting the need for comprehensive elderly care services. In China, the proportion of individuals aged 60 and above has reached 18.70%, and this figure is projected to rise to 34.9% by 2050. This underscores the demand for skilled elderlycare professionals; however, the current education system struggles to meet industry standards, resulting in a gap between training and societal requirements. This study examines the social adaptability of higher vocational graduates specialized in elderly care services, focusing on areas such as independent living, cognitive abilities, interpersonal skills, vocational competence, and teamwork. The findings highlight the necessity for tailored interventions to enhance graduates' well-being and effectiveness. In response, strategies are proposed, including transformative mindsets, character development, local alignment with development goals, and immersive field practice. This research underscores the pivotal role of higher education institutions in producing qualified professionals equipped to address the challenges posed by an aging society.</p> FANG WANG 昭 金 春晓 李 Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 188 192 10.55014/pij.v6i3.450 Enhancing Character Design Education in Animation: Curriculum Reform and Industry Alignment <p>The dynamic evolution of animation has positioned character design as a pivotal element in contemporary entertainment, necessitating adept animators skilled in both technical prowess and artistic comprehension. As the animation industry expands globally, higher education institutions face the challenge of aligning curricula with industry standards. This paper investigates character design education in animation, analyzing the balance between artistic expression, technological proficiency, and narrative coherence. It explores challenges faced by educators and learners, presenting insights for curriculum enhancement and instructional strategies. The literature review examines the role of character design, tracing its evolution and diverse teaching methods. The study introduces the ACG Animation Studio concept, merging animation, comics, and games, aiming to deepen students' understanding of the broader industry landscape. Through this pedagogical innovation, the curriculum reform augments learning enthusiasm, professional competence, enrollment competitiveness, and student employment prospects, fostering a new generation of animators adept at seamlessly blending creativity and technical skill for compelling character-driven animations</p> Jinlong Wu Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 183 187 Synergy of Internationalization Strategies and Talent Cultivation for International Organizations: A Study of Chinese Universities <p>The concept of internationalization holds growing significance in higher education, particularly for Chinese universities, as they enhance global engagement, cross-cultural exchange, and international collaboration. Simultaneously, international organizations play a pivotal role in addressing global challenges and advancing sustainable development. This study explores the intersection of China's university internationalization strategies and talent cultivation for international organizations.Chinese universities have embraced varied internationalization endeavors, equipping graduates with intercultural competencies, global perspectives, and effective cross-cultural skills. These efforts align with international organizations' multifaceted needs, requiring a workforce adept at navigating complex global landscapes and addressing intricate issues. The study examines core elements of internationalization strategies impacting talent development, including alignment with international organizations, integration of cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary and intercultural social practice, and fostering diversified global outlooks. By aligning with international organizations' agendas, promoting global perspectives, and integrating academic research, universities pave a path for students to excel in international roles. Encouraging interdisciplinary and intercultural social practices enhances teamwork, social governance, and service-oriented skills—crucial competencies for international organizations. This study recommends aligning internationalization strategies with United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, addressing global challenges, and fostering international collaborative cultivation. These pillars are crucial for universities aspiring to nurture talents poised for international organizational roles.</p> xianggang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 177 182 10.55014/pij.v6i3.447 Study on the Intercultural Communication of Traditional Chinese Culture <p>In the era of globalization and the rapid growth of we-media, intercultural communication plays a crucial role in promoting traditional Chinese culture on an international scale. China has been actively engaged in advancing intercultural communication as a means to enhance its cultural soft power, fostering the high-quality development of its culture and contributing to the realization of the Chinese nation's rejuvenation. This study focuses on the intercultural communication of traditional Chinese culture, using Li Ziqi's vlogs as a case study, in order to provide updated insights for the promotion of China's traditional culture in diverse cultural contexts, effectively conveying a long-standing image of Chinese civilization. Through the analysis of themes and categorization of Li Ziqi's short videos, the study defines the cultural symbolism conveyed through these videos, explains the factors that contribute to their success, and draws conclusions that can enlighten the international dissemination of traditional Chinese culture. Furthermore, it serves as a model case for practicing intercultural communication of traditional Chinese culture. The study's findings emphasize the importance for Chinese cultural promotion to seize the opportunities presented by we-media development, accurately targeting the needs of overseas audiences to enhance the effectiveness of cultural communication, and facilitating a deeper understanding of the rich connotations of traditional Chinese culture among foreign audiences</p> Hongjuan Yang Jun Tang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 172 176 10.55014/pij.v6i3.446 A Study on the Inheritance Status and Enhancement Path of Chinese Ancient Poetry Art Songs Integrated into Vocal Music Teaching in Contemporary Colleges and Universities <p>Traditional culture with refined and meaningful words, beautiful verses and rich connotations. As a product of the fusion of East and West, Chinese ancient poetry art songs is a perfect fusion of the profound Chinese poems and Western elegant music creation techniques, which is the continuous development of the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Colleges and universities, as the main channel for the training of high-quality music talents, shoulder the important responsibilities of talent training, cultural inheritance and scientific research. Since the birth of Chinese ancient poetry art songs, there have been high requirements in vocal singing, mood shaping and cultural expression, etc. Therefore, integrating Chinese ancient poetry art songs into vocal teaching in colleges and universities can not only improve the students' vocal singing level and comprehensive cultural literacy, but also enhance the students' cultural self-confidence in learning and singing. However, it is found that the inheritance status of Chinese ancient poetry art songs integrated into vocal music teaching in colleges and universities is not optimistic, and there are problems such as insufficient attention of students, irrational curriculum facilities, lack of attention to the improvement of comprehensive quality, confusing use of teaching materials, and fewer opportunities for students to practise, and so on. Through the analysis of the causes, it is found that there are misunderstandings in the students' cognition, the teaching objectives are not clear enough, the teaching faculty is scarce, and the teaching ability needs to be improved. In view of the above problems, this study proposes that students should be guided to improve their value cognition and set up a correct sense of inheritance; teachers should clarify the teaching objectives and create a reasonable curriculum system; institutions should strengthen the training of teachers and enhance the ability of diversified teaching; institutions should encourage teachers to reasonably prepare teaching materials and provide a scientific teaching basis; and institutions and teachers should also actively develop practical activities and provide sufficient opportunities for exercise.</p> <p> </p> Xin Zhao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 166 171 10.55014/pij.v6i3.445 Kashmiri “Imperial Preceptor” Namo (or Nanwu) in China During Yuan Dynasty <p>The Buddhist monk Namo (Nanwu), born in Kashmir, came to China during the Yuan Dynasty and was highly regarded by Emperor Xianzong (also known as Emperor Mengge) and honored as Imperial Preceptor, which ranked the highest in Buddhist monks. The place that Namo visited is in today's Zhengding County, Hebei Province. He was once the abbot of the Giant Buddhist Temple&nbsp;(also known as Longxing Temple) in Zhengding (a Prefecture at that time--added by translator). Namo was not only the first Imperial Preceptor of the Yuan Dynasty, who occupied an outstanding position in the history of Buddhism, but also selflessly funded the restoration of the Giant Buddhist Temple, which was recorded in the inscription of "Merit Record of Preceptor Nanwu of Dachao&nbsp;who&nbsp;repaired Longxing Temple, Zhending Prefecture", which is still preserved in Ci Shi Pavilion of the Giant Buddhist Temple.</p> Hong Zhang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 161 165 10.55014/pij.v6i3.438 A Study on the Effectiveness of “Production-Oriented Approach” in College English Integrated Courses -- Taking Art Students in Ordinary Universities as the Object of Study <p>Based on the theory of “Production-Oriented Approach”, our team carried out a teaching experiment of college English integrated course among art students in our university. The results of this “Production-Oriented Approach” teaching experiment show that “Production-Oriented Approach” teaching can effectively improve students' overall English level, especially students' speaking and writing ability, and promote the improvement of students' language output level; “Production-Oriented Approach” is deeply loved by students, which enhances their English learning motivation, their confidence in English learning, and their learning autonomy.</p> Xueqing Wang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 157 160 The Interplay Between Table Tennis Skill Development and Sports Performance: A Comprehensive Review <p>This study presents a comprehensive literature review on skill development in table tennis, focusing on various factors that influence expertise in the sport. The research synthesizes findings from multiple studies to understand the effectiveness of mental training programs, the relationship between cognitive functions and table tennis skills, differences between elite and sub-elite players, the impact of visual attention on performance, the effects of plyometric training on serve performance, and the comparison of practice schedules for skill learning and retention. Additionally, the paper explores the stages of tennis forehand attacking technique development, encompassing generalization, differentiation, consolidation, and automation stages, while discussing individual and environmental factors influencing skill development, highlighting the importance of early learning experiences, motivation, intelligence, and family support. Furthermore, the research delves into the history of table tennis performance evaluation methods, including video observation, expert interviews, and the four-stage index evaluation, establishing the reciprocal relationship between skill development and sports performance, emphasizing how enhanced athletic performance fosters skill mastery and vice versa. The findings underscore the significance of mental preparation, cognitive functions, technical proficiency, visual attention, and practice structuring in the pursuit of expertise in table tennis, indicating that incorporating mental training, cognitive training, specialized practice, and plyometric exercises can be beneficial for skill development and performance improvement in the sport.</p> Shuaishuai Zhang Gang Chen Qiang Wu Xuan Li Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 150 156 10.55014/pij.v6i3.433 Research on EPC Construction Mode of China Informatization Project <p>EPC(Engineering, Procurement, Construction) has a history of decades in&nbsp; global development,&nbsp; has been introduced to China for more than 40 years, and is widely used in China's chemical, electric power, construction, energy, and other construction projects. With the development of informatization in China, the construction mode of informatization projects continues to evolve, and the EPC construction mode has also been applied and promoted in the informatization industry and has promoted the construction efficiency of informatization projects. The author analyzes and studies the development of EPC in China and the application and practice of EPC mode in informatization projects, and makes a case analysis through the EPC construction mode practice of informatization projects. Through the analysis and case study, the author provides reference and reference for the construction of informatization projects using EPC mode in the development of the digital economy in China.</p> Guohua Xin Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 144 149 10.55014/pij.v6i3.428 The influence of swimming sports on teenagers' physical health <p> Long-term adherence to swimming is conducive to improving the human heart and lung endurance, improving the function of the respiratory system, improving the metabolism and the ability of the muscle system, treating and preventing chronic diseases, etc. Swimming has a strong and practical value in military, production, survival skills and life services. Guiding teenagers to actively participate in swimming can improve their physical health and promote the formation of their lifelong awareness of physical exercise. In this paper, the students of a university in Nanchang (nonsports major) are taken as the research object, and the physical health of young swimmers is investigated experimentally by using the method of literature, questionnaire, test and mathematical statistics. The findings of the study show that: After 12 weeks of planned intervention exercise, the BMI of male students was 22.32±3.17, that of female students was 19.24±2.54, that of female students was 58.24±0.25, that of female students was 53.14±2.15. In terms of physical fitness, After intervention, sit-up in boys 41.25±2.12 and girls 30.25±1.24, 50m boys 7.51±1.65 and girls 8.78±3.25, standing long jump in boys 2.45±2.21 and girls 2.16±1.68, respectively. Men's 1000 meters 4.15±3.76, women's 800 meters 4.21± 2.89, grip strength 37.2 ± 1.24 boys, 30.21 ± 1.21 girls, swimming sports can reduce body fat content, improve vital capacity and vital mass index, improve physical function and enhance physical fitness, in addition to sleep has also been effectively improved. It is recommended that teenagers insist on swimming exercise, which can not only improve physical and mental health, but also help to improve learning efficiency.</p> 城 肖 Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 139 143 10.55014/pij.v6i3.431 An Empirical Study of Psychological Assessment Methods in News Communication Activities <p>In the realm of news communication activities, psychological assessment plays a pivotal role. It leverages a variety of methods and tools to evaluate the public's behaviors, psychological, and mental processes. This assessment can guide news communication professionals and policymakers, aiding them in enhancing their societal news communication efforts. This paper delves into the application of psychological assessment in news communication, using empirical case studies for analysis. It offers evaluations in areas such as emotional assessment, cognitive assessment, behavioral assessment, and social impact assessment, while seeking to refine the assessment methodologies. Our findings reveal that the exploration of novel assessment methods, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, acknowledging the influence of diverse groups and societal strata, and ensuring the quality and reproducibility of empirical research are crucial strategies to advance the use of psychological assessment in news communication. This progression is key to the evolution and advancement of news communication.</p> lixia liu Hao Su Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 134 138 10.55014/pij.v6i3.429 Shaping the Global Business Environment on the United States-China Trade War <p>&nbsp;This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the United States-China trade war, examining its causes, unfolding events, and significant impacts on global trade, economic stability, and bilateral relations. The research objectives are threefold: (1) to analyze the key causes and concerns that led to the initiation of the trade war, including trade imbalances, intellectual property theft, state subsidies, and national security concerns; (2) to assess how the trade war events unfolded, characterized by escalating tariffs and retaliatory measures across distinct phases; and (3) to examine the significant impacts and consequences of the trade war on global trade, economic stability, and bilateral relations, with a focus on global supply chain disruption, economic effects, the agriculture sector, technological competition, and geopolitical implications. The findings highlight the disruptive effects of the trade war on global supply chains, increased costs for businesses and consumers, negative economic consequences for both countries, challenges in the agriculture sector, intensified technological competition, and strained U.S.-China relations with broader geopolitical implications. Addressing the underlying concerns, promoting dialogue, and fostering cooperation between the United States and China are emphasized as crucial steps toward resolving the conflict and achieving a more stable and mutually beneficial trade relationship. This study contributes to the understanding of the trade war's multifaceted nature and underscores the importance of international collaboration and fair trade practices in shaping a prosperous global business environment.</p> XinWei Feng Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 124 128 10.55014/pij.v6i3.424 Research on the Design of Experiential Renovation of Rural Residential Buildings in Inner Mongolia <p>This research explores the experiential renovation design for rural residential buildings in Inner Mongolia, aiming to revitalize rural areas and develop the tourism industry while preserving traditional culture. It incorporates literature review, field study, and case analysis to explore design principles, strategies, and practices applicable to the region. The overview of rural dwellings in Inner Mongolia emphasizes geographical variation, ethnicity, ecological adaptability, use of local materials, architectural forms, spatial layout, and symbolic meanings. The proposed design principles prioritize respect for tradition, environmental sustainability, enhanced comfort and practicality, integration of modern technology, fostering regional interaction, and improving the tourism experience. Two case studies illustrate the pre-renovation analysis, design schemes, and effects of renovating a village residence in Tengke and a yurt tourism village in Tsarsen. The schemes involve preserving traditional features, adopting green technologies, adding modern facilities, and enhancing visitor experiences. Suggestions for operation and management include exploring operation modes, integrating tourism resources, promoting community participation, implementing effective marketing strategies, providing training programs, establishing supervision mechanisms, and conducting evaluations. The research acknowledges limitations and proposes future research directions, including further exploration of rural dwelling diversity, integration with other fields, practical exploration, sustainability considerations, and in-depth study of operation and management mechanisms.</p> Fanguang Kong Hongwei Fang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 119 123 The Evolution of Piano Technique and Its Impact on Modern Chinese Piano Development: A Theoretical Exploration <p>This paper explores the development of the piano in modern China, focusing on its role in Chinese music education, performance, and composition. With the introduction of Western music and culture, the piano gradually became an integral part of Chinese musical culture. The study investigates the factors influencing the development of the modern Chinese piano, including social history, cultural environment, and the music education system. The research employs a literature review methodology to analyze the evolution and changes in theories of modern Chinese piano development, as well as the significant theoretical perspectives and academic ideas associated with them. The study examines the historical background, cultural environment, piano performance techniques, teaching methods, and the contributions of Chinese piano composers and musicians. The findings highlight the importance of studying modern Chinese piano development theory for piano education and performance. The research aims to deepen the understanding and application of relevant theories, fostering innovation and improvement in piano art. Furthermore, the exploration of piano development theories promotes the preservation and transmission of Chinese music culture, enhances academic research, and facilitates international exchange in the field of Chinese music. The study concludes that the continuous study of technical theory is crucial for the development of the piano in China. The improvement of current technical theory serves as a catalyst for advancing Chinese piano art and strengthens the preservation and transmission of Chinese musical cultural heritage. The findings provide theoretical guidance for piano teaching and performance practice, contributing to the continuous advancement of piano art in China.</p> Qu Wang Haiyang Jia Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 111 114 Exploring the Impact of Short Videos on Society and Culture: An Analysis of Social Dynamics and Cultural Expression <p>This study investigates the impact of short videos on society and culture. Short videos, which are brief video clips typically ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes in length, have gained immense popularity through various social media platforms. They have revolutionized the way people consume and produce media content, reshaped communication patterns and interpersonal relationships, and influenced social norms and values. Additionally, short videos have played a significant role in cultural expression, transforming cultural practices and traditions, influencing cultural diversity and identity, and shaping cultural consumption patterns. This research employs qualitative research methods, including interviews with participants from Nanjing Normal University Taizhou College, to explore the multifaceted impact of short videos on social dynamics and cultural expression. The findings provide insights into the implications and consequences of short videos, with recommendations for policymakers, content creators, and users.</p> Lin Chen Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 115 118 10.55014/pij.v6i3.420 Employment Strategies in Applied Universities: A Case Study of Shanxi Technology And Business College in the New Era <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p>The rapid expansion of higher education in China has led to a transformation in the employment landscape for college graduates. In response, the government has established a new employment market mechanism that poses challenges for employment guidance departments. The employment outcomes of college students are closely tied to the development and competitiveness of universities. To address these challenges, applied universities must enhance the comprehensive qualities and employability of their students through long-term planning and coordination. This paper examines the employment work in applied universities in the new era, focusing on the case of Shanxi Technology and Business College. The study&nbsp; highlights the requirements for effective employment strategies, including leadership involvement, coordination, and engagement of all staff members. It also discusses the employment statistics of the 2022 graduates from Shanxi Technology and Business College. The paper outlines the employment strategies employed by the college, such as employment guidance classes, improving the quality of employment education, and establishing on-campus and online recruitment platforms. It emphasizes the coordinated efforts and responsibilities of the college leadership, active participation from various departments, transformation of educational guidance, and the implementation of multiple measures for employment success. The college also emphasizes the accurate collection and statistical verification of graduates' employment data.This study provides insights into the employment work in applied universities, offering valuable strategies and practices for navigating the new era of college graduate employment.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> yanxia gao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 108 112 10.55014/pij.v6i3.416 The Effectiveness of Stress Reduction Strategies for Operating Room Nursing Staff in Tertiary Hospitals on the Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome <p>The increase in global life expectancy, driven by economic growth, has resulted in a progressively aging population, thereby emphasizing the imperative for comprehensive elderly care services. In China, the proportion of individuals aged 60 and above has reached 18.70%, with projections indicating a rise to 34.9% by 2050. This statistics underscores the pressing need for competent professionals in the elderly care sector. However, the current education system encounters difficulties in meeting the industry's standards, leading to a disparity between training provisions and societal demands. In light of this, the present study aims to investigate the social adaptability of higher vocational graduates specialized in elderly care services, with a specific focus on areas encompassing independent living, cognitive abilities, interpersonal skills, vocational competence, and teamwork. The findings emphasize the necessity of tailored interventions to enhance the well-being and effectiveness of these graduates. In response, several strategies are proposed, including the cultivation of transformative mindsets, character development, local alignment with development goals, and immersive field practice. This research underscores the pivotal role of higher education institutions in producing qualified professionals equipped to address the multifaceted challenges posed by an aging society. </p> xiaoqing wang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 103 107 10.55014/pij.v6i3.464 The Impact of College English Teachers' Psychological Well-being on English Teaching <p>This qualitative study explores the impact of psychological well-being on the teaching practices of Chinese college English teachers and aims to identify strategies for supporting their well-being. Through semi-structured interviews with five participants, including junior and senior faculty members from Guilin Medical University, key challenges to well-being are identified, such as heavy workloads, limited autonomy, and difficulties in interpersonal relationships. These challenges have significant effects on teaching practices, including reduced student engagement and creativity. The findings demonstrate that higher levels of well-being positively influence instructional practices, leading to increased engagement, motivation, and satisfaction. Autonomy in teaching, competence and effectiveness, and positive student relationships are highlighted as essential factors. The study proposes strategies including autonomy support, competence development, social support, recognition and feedback, and work-life balance to promote the well-being of college English teachers. The research contributes to the literature on teacher well-being, providing insights for educational policymakers, administrators, and teacher training programs to foster a supportive environment for professional growth and effective English language instruction.</p> Xiaoliang Jing Xianggang Wei Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 106 110 10.55014/pij.v6i3.418 An Ethical Literary Analysis of Edward’s Ethical Choices in The Cocktail Party <p>This paper examines Edward's ethical choices in T.S. Eliot's play, "<em>The Cocktail Party</em>," through the lens of ethical literary criticism. Edward, the protagonist, faces an emotional crisis in his relationships with his wife, Lavinia, and his lover, Celia, which sets the stage for his ethical dilemma. The study utilizes a qualitative research design, employing literary analysis and interpretation to delve deeper into Edward's ethical choices and their appropriateness within his particular situations and ethical environment. Drawing from previous scholarly work, particularly from scholars in China who have explored the ethical fables and perspectives within "<em>The Cocktail Party</em>," this paper builds upon the existing research by offering further insights into Edward's ethical journey. The analysis considers the interplay between Edward's marital and romantic ethical identities and his professional identity as a lawyer, which results in contradictions and conflicts, leading to ethical dilemmas. The study also explores the factors influencing Edward's ethical choices, including the disruption of ethical relationships and order within the play. By applying ethical literary criticism, the paper argues that Edward's ethical choices are not arbitrary but appropriate responses to his circumstances. Situational ethics and love norms are examined to understand the motivations and justifications behind Edward's decisions. Ultimately, the analysis provides a comprehensive exploration of the ethical themes within the play, shedding light on the complexities of decision-making processes and the moral dimensions of literary works.</p> Haowen HUANG Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 101 105 Deterrence and Security: The Impact of Military Conflicts on Global Peace <p>Deterrence theory is one of the important theories of international relations research during the Cold War. From the birth of deterrence theory to today, its main meaning has developed from nuclear deterrence as the core to conventional deterrence. By studying the impact of the Gulf War on the US deterrence capability and the impact of the Russia-Ukrainian War on Russia's deterrence capability, this paper argues that military conflict is not only a test of deterrence capability, but also a shaping process of deterrence capability. In military conflict, a country's performance will affect its opponents and other countries' perception of its strength and will, thereby increasing or decreasing its deterrence capability. The United States established a strong conventional deterrence capability in the global scope through the Gulf War, which enabled the United States to obtain a large number of potential allies and national interests after the Cold War. Russia's mediocre performance in the Russia-Ukrainian War is undermining its conventional deterrence that it established after the Cold War through military reform and a series of military actions, and its geo-security environment is deteriorating due to its reduced deterrence capability. Based on this, countries should correctly assess their own and other countries' strength and will, avoid overestimating or underestimating their own or others' deterrence capabilities, and thus avoid military adventures. At the same time, they should also abide by international laws and rules, respect other countries' sovereignty and interests, in order to achieve lasting peace and common security.</p> haiyang he Andi Luo Qian Geng Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 92 100 The Application of the "Beauty of Artistic Conception" in Chinese Painting in Interior Space Design <p> "Artistic conception" is the aesthetic core of Chinese painting and the essence and soul of Chinese painting. The "artistic conception" of Chinese painting is the high unity of art, nature, life and soul, forming a unique aesthetic system of Chinese painting. The "beauty of artistic conception" of Chinese painting is applied to the design of modern interior space to create space with the expression of mutuality of emptiness and reality, reckon blank as inked and symbolic implication, which can also make Chinese painting produce new visual impact in modern society. The application of the "beauty of artistic conception" of Chinese painting in interior design does not simply present the "Chinoiserie", nor is it limited to the direct imitation of Chinoiserie elements, but allows the implication of interior design to be deeply expanded, and also allows viewers to perceive the rich feelings and internal beauty associations contained in the design in the interior space. This paper will elaborate the connotation and performance characteristics of the "beauty of artistic conception" of Chinese painting, and analyze the measures and implementation methods of applying the "beauty of artistic conception" of Chinese painting to interior space design, as well as its unique value. The purpose of this paper is to innovate the design concept of modern interior space and provide a Chinese design idea, so that the interior design can reach the space design realm of "Unity of Heaven and humanity in One". </p> 彦 唐 Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 84 91 10.55014/pij.v6i3.411 The Literary Characteristics and Innovative Design of Chinese Taoist Graphic Arts <p>Taoism is the purest native religious sect in China, and one of the most representative aspects of Taoist culture is graphic art. In this paper, we trace and analyze the origin of Taoist culture and art, and summarize its characteristics; from the aesthetic perspective, we classify Taoist graphic art by subject matter, analyze the classic patterns of Taoist graphics, and summarize their artistic meanings and connotations, and then express the aesthetic implications of Taoist graphics; from the perspective of the development and use of graphics, we first analyze the use of Taoist graphics in modern clothing, and propose the concept of pattern From the perspective of the development and application of graphics, we first analyze the use of Taoist graphics in modern clothing, and put forward the concept of secondary design for traditional Taoist graphics, and then make creative use of pattern design in clothing design.</p> liyao xiao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 77 83 The Physical Health of Students of Hohhot No.36 Middle School, Inner Mongolia, China <p>The physical health of Chinese high school students has always been a concern. According to statistics from the Chinese Ministry of Education, there are currently widespread problems among Chinese high school students, including a decline in physical fitness, an increase in obesity rates, and a high prevalence of myopia. To improve the physical health of Chinese high school students, the national and local governments have implemented a series of measures, such as promoting nationwide fitness activities, encouraging sports, improving dietary structures, and enhancing the quality of education. Meanwhile, many schools have also begun to pay attention to physical exercise, strengthening students' physical education courses, providing various sports facilities and equipment, and encouraging students to actively participate in sports activities, to provide a better environment and conditions for the healthy development of high school students. This article investigates factors affecting the physical health of high school students and provides suggestions for improving their physical fitness by using literature, data, and testing methods. The study focuses on 120 students from Hohhot No. 36 High School and compares their physical fitness test results with those of other high school students across the country. By cultivating students' physical fitness through various means, this study aims to improve students' physical health and address their weaknesses in physical fitness.</p> Jianwei Xiao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 71 76 10.55014/pij.v6i3.407 Analysis on the Evolution and Development of Chinese Education Based on the History of Chinese and Foreign Education <p>This paper provides an overview of the evolution of Chinese and foreign education, examining the origins, historical developments, and current reforms in both contexts. The study explores the relationship between human history and the development of education, emphasizing the influence of geographical location, lifestyle, and thinking patterns on different educational origins. The research methods employed include literature research and comparative analysis, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the evolution and development of education. Furthermore, the paper discusses the ongoing education reforms in contemporary China, such as curriculum reform, teacher training, and the promotion of innovative education. It highlights the importance of improving educational resources, addressing the rigidity of the education system, and fostering a closer connection between education and employment. The paper concludes by emphasizing the need for comprehensive measures to overcome the bottlenecks in Chinese education, including increased investment, system reforms, and the cultivation of comprehensive talents with international vision and global competitiveness. Overall, this study provides valuable insights into the historical trajectory and future directions of Chinese education.</p> Daoriao Han Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 66 70 Applications and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Art Education <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p>With the rise of the digital era, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the realm of education is garnering increased attention. Art education, which centers on creativity and expression, is no exception to the influence of AI. However, several challenges must be addressed in the prospective use of AI in university art education. Firstly, privacy protection emerges as a crucial issue. Educational institutions must establish stringent privacy policies to safeguard student data, ensuring its security and confidentiality while adhering to relevant laws and regulations. By adopting transparent data collection and usage standards, trust among students and parents can be cultivated, thereby enhancing the acceptance of AI technologies in fine arts education. Secondly, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of AI tools is imperative. Collaborative efforts between educational institutions and technology vendors are necessary to guarantee the quality and efficacy of AI algorithms and models. Regular testing and evaluation can identify and rectify potential issues, thereby bolstering the tools' reliability. Simultaneously, educators should receive comprehensive training and professional development to comprehensively understand and effectively employ AI tools. Furthermore, educational institutions and educators should actively engage in the development and research of AI technologies. Collaborative partnerships with technology developers can yield AI tools and applications tailored to art education. Through continuous collaboration and feedback loops, these tools can be refined and optimized to better align with educational requirements. Lastly, educators should maintain a rational and critical perspective concerning AI technologies. While AI can provide valuable teaching aids, it should not supplant the role and significance of human educators. Educators must continue leveraging their expertise and experience to guide students' creativity, foster critical thinking, and nurture artistic expression. This paper concludes that the potential for AI in the future of university art education is substantial, albeit accompanied by challenges. By actively addressing concerns related to privacy protection, reliability, and educational engagement, AI can play a positive role in art education. Collaboration among educational institutions, educators, and technology developers is pivotal in realizing this vision, thereby promoting the sustainable development and effective application of AI in art education.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Mu Fan Ke Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 61 65 Cultivation of Core Competence of Oncology Nurse Specialist in China :A SWOT Analysis <p>This paper analyzes the current situation of the core competence cultivation of Oncology Nurse Specialist (ONS) in China, and puts forward targeted development strategies. On the basis of the literature review, according to the relevant theories of SWOT analysis, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threats of ONS development, and make targeted policy suggestions according to different combinations of elements. Strength: Social needs for the development of oncology nursing,the level of oncology specialized nursing service has been improved; Weakness: the training standards and certification standards are not yet unified; Opportunity:Strong support from national policies,expand the professional role and functions of nurses; Threats: The overall professional quality of nurses needs to be strengthened, management has the phenomenon of "emphasizing cultivation and neglecting use".By further guaranteeing the development of ONS, strengthen ONS specialized&nbsp;job management, improving ONS training and certification standards,and emphasizing the improvement of ONS core capabilities, constantly promoting the development oncology nursing&nbsp;in China.</p> Tong Mu Xiaoling Li Feng Sun Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 55 60 A Study on College English Effective Teaching and Learning <p> College English plays a crucial role in the comprehensive development of Chinese university students. Effective teaching practices are essential in college English education, directly influencing students' language acquisition and proficiency. This paper examines research on effective teaching strategies in college English, focusing on instructional strategies, teacher-student interaction, and assessment methods. Communicative approaches, technology integration, supportive environments, differentiated instruction, formative assessment, and constructive feedback contribute to enhancing students' language learning outcomes. However, challenges such as weak listening and speaking skills and the need to redefine teaching effectiveness exist. The paper highlights the importance of incorporating humanistic elements in college English teaching and addresses current issues in teaching and learning. Emphasizing the role of teachers, evidence-based strategies are proposed to create engaging and dynamic learning environments that foster language development. </p> Zhang Guoliang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 50 54 Buddhist Architecture Exchanges between China and Pakistan <p>This study explores the friendly exchanges in Buddhist architecture between China and Pakistan from a geographical perspective. It probes mainly into the exchanges occurring from the 1st to the 10th century AD between ancient China and ancient Pakistan (the region where Pakistan is presently located). With the channels for exchanges between China and South Asia opening up and the Silk Road being established, the large-scale eastward spread of Buddhism became possible, creating opportunities for Buddhism communication between people of the two nations. The design and construction of Chinese Buddhist temples, pagodas and grottoes exhibit features typical of Buddhist architecture in ancient Pakistan, particularly the Gandhara Buddhist sculpture art that has profound influence on Buddha statues in China. In over a thousand years Chinese Buddhist architecture absorbed elements from that of ancient Pakistan, yet created its unique Chinese style, showing a perfect integration of the two cultures. The Buddhist architecture exchanges between ancient China and ancient Pakistan have far-reaching significance in promoting cultural communication and strengthening the friendship between people of the two nations.</p> Lian Wei Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 43 49 A Study on the Construction of Visitors’ Cultural Memories in a Global Context <p>Abstract: This study investigates empirically the way in which visitors construct their (cross) cultural memories during the process of cultural representation, for measuring the success of Chinese culture "going global". We propose a framework that incorporates the reception theory and communicative theory. And we have conducted a survey of questionnaire and interview of the real visitors in Chinese museums to collect their opinions on cultural presentation and other related material, such as expectation and aesthetic gap. By analyzing the process of Chinese and international visitors’ interaction with the text symbols of Chinese museums, we find that (cross) there are some similarities and differences in cultural memories,&nbsp;a collection of visitors’ values, beliefs and mindsets, which are shaped or influenced in their interactions with the text symbols. And the&nbsp;(cross) cultural memories are constructed in visitors’ continuous interaction with the text symbols transmitted by Chinese cultural institutions, and different constructions may redefine or shake the thoughts and value systems of visitors to some extent, which is an ongoing and open process. The description of the model of construction process will contribute to the effective dissemination of culture for institutions.</p> Wei Tao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 37 42 10.55014/pij.v6i3.395 An Analysis on the Protagonist’s Tragedy from Man-Place Relation in To Build a Fire <p> As one of Jack London’s famous northern frontier novels, To Build a Fire is a story about an unnamed protagonist called “the man” who, in his adventure to cross the polar Yukon River Territory, freezes to death finally. Most studies about it analyzed the power of nature demonstrated in this story. However, in this confrontation between man and nature, there are no studies about the protagonist’s tragic ending, which plays an important role in dealing with the relation between man and nature. In this paper, in conjunction with Yi-Fu Tuan’s theory of man-place relation, the reason of the protagonist’s tragedy is explored from two aspects. One is the desire of the protagonist to escape away from the old place and leave for the new place, the other is the disharmonious relation between the protagonist and the new place. In the process of analyzing, the relationship among the protagonist, the old place (America) and the new place (Yukon River Territory) is revealed, which enlightens human that only the harmonious relation between man and place can achieve the long-term development of man and nature .</p> Haiqing Zhu Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 33 36 Discourse Analysis of Father’s Grassland Mother’s River Based on Register Theory <p>Based on the framework of register theory, this paper uses the song Father’s Grassland Mother’s River which is collected from the website of wedding poetry as the analysis material. Different linguistic theories to analyze discourses can reveal the linguistic approaches used by the speaker for the realization of speaking intention from the different perspectives. The purpose of this paper is to explore the merits of register theory in the discourse analysis of lyrics and to verify the applicability of register theory in the analysis of lyrics. Though literature research method, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, this paper focuses on the register of lyric, including field, tenor, and mode, studying three meta-functions and its meanings of systemic functional linguistics which refers to the field and discussion of ideational function; the tenor and discussion of interpersonal function and the mode and discussion of textual function. The study shows the nationality and musicality of the song, and elucidates the reason for its widely spread among the public. The results of analysis prove that: i) the transitivity, logical relationship and the modal system are all influenced by the vocabularies used in the lyrics; ii) the two kinds of tenor in lyrics reflect the interpersonal relationship; iii) comprehensive analysis of the thematic structure, the information structure and the rhyme and other stylistic characteristics reflects the uniqueness of the lyrics from other types of discourse </p> Xiaoyuan Hao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 20 32 10.55014/pij.v6i3.389 Racial Discrimination in Uncle Tom's Cabin and the "Black Lives Matter" Movement <p> Uncle Tom's Cabin and the "Black Lives Matter" movement are two different themes, but both are related to racial discrimination. For the novel, it depicts the story of a slave named Tom, and describes the pain and inequality brought about by the slavery through the experience of Tom and other characters. This novel caused great repercussions around the American Civil War, helped to promote the struggle against the slavery, and became one of the classics of world literature. While the "Black Lives Matter" movement advocates for equality, justice, and the elimination of violence and discrimination against the black people. The focus of this movement is to protest against violent or arbitrary actions against African Americans, such as illegal arrests, excessive use of force, or intentional killings. Although these two themes emerged in different historical and cultural periods, they share a common goal of opposing racial discrimination and pursuing equality and justice. Moreover, in the current era, the "Black Lives Matter" movement is more diverse and inclusive compared to past movements. By publishing anti-racial discrimination information on media and social media, and organizing, more people are involved in the fight against discrimination. They are all aimed at opposing and eliminating racial discrimination, and promoting the construction of a more equal, diverse, and just society. Due to different historical backgrounds and cultural characteristics, there are certainly differences in practice and ideology. This article explores the connection between the "Black Lives Matter" movement and Uncle Tom's Cabin, which both reflect the long-standing issues of racial discrimination and social injustice in American society. As a chronic disease of American society, although racial discrimination and social inequality are difficult to solve, it is necessary for us to conduct some detailed analysis on them. The connection between the novel and the movement indicates that the ongoing struggle for equality and justice is meaningful, that is, the liberation of black people can only be achieved through their own struggles. </p> Ryan Ren Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 15 19 10.55014/pij.v6i3.384 Research Progress on the Relationship between Mental Health and Sleep Disorders <p>The relationship between mental status and sleep disorders has gained significant attention in recent years. Extensive research has elucidated a bidirectional association between these two domains, highlighting the impact of mental health on sleep and the influence of sleep disturbances on mental well-being. This review provides an overview of the current progress in understanding this complex relationship.In exploring the impact of mental health on sleep disorders, the effects of anxiety, stress, depression, and bipolar disorder on sleep quality and patterns are discussed. Conversely, the influence of sleep disorders, such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy, on mental health outcomes is examined. Neurobiological mechanisms, including shared neural pathways and neurotransmitter dysregulation, as well as the disruption of circadian rhythms, are explored as underlying factors linking mental health and sleep disorders.Moreover, the review discusses various treatment approaches and interventions for individuals with comorbid mental health and sleep disorders. Psychological interventions, pharmacological options, and lifestyle modifications are highlighted as strategies to improve both mental health and sleep outcomes.The review concludes by identifying research gaps, calling for continued interdisciplinary collaboration, and emphasizing the importance of public awareness and education. Future directions and implications for addressing this intricate relationship are discussed to enhance our understanding and develop effective interventions.Overall, the review underscores the significance of recognizing and addressing the bidirectional relationship between mental status and sleep disorders, with the ultimate goal of improving the well-being of individuals affected by these conditions.</p> sun lei Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 09 14 10.55014/pij.v6i3.380 Research on Green Barriers and Countermeasures for Chinese Materia Medica Entering ASEAN Countries under the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative <p> China-ASEAN Free Trade Area is a huge economy covering 11 countries and 1.9 billion people, and has become the largest free trade area among developing countries. Because of the geographical proximity and cultural similarities between China and ASEAN, and the fact that most ASEAN countries have a high recognition of (Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and prefer to use traditional medicine to treat diseases, there is a large market demand for Chinese Materia Medica (CMM). China-ASEAN Free Trade Area has become an important market for CMM exports. However, ASEAN countries have different degrees of green barriers to CMM exports, mainly including technical trade barriers (TTBs) and non-technical trade barriers (NTBs), and these green barriers have caused a certain impact of the entry of CMM into ASEAN countries. This article proposes legal countermeasures for CMM exports to ASEAN countries to deal with green barriers in terms of Chinese government's diplomacy, trade policy, industrial structure, intellectual property protection, quality of CMM, as well as Chinese enterprises' internal management, dispute resolution, communication and cooperation, with a view to developing the market of CMM in ASEAN countries. In order to speed up the pace of "going out" of CMM. </p> ZHUJUN ZHAO Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 6 3 01 08 10.55014/pij.v6i3.338