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Through literature review, this paper reviews the current situation and trends of red culture research at home and abroad, and discusses the path and strategy of integrating red culture into physical education of higher vocational colleges in Hubei in the new era. By analyzing the current situation of physical education and studying the connotation and value of red culture and red sports in the new era, the paper puts forward the path of integrating into red culture in the new era, and makes corresponding strategies. This will help enrich the connotation of physical education in schools and cultivate students' patriotic feelings and social responsibility.</p> Cao Xue Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Tue, 20 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 A Literary Stylistic Analysis of Katherine Mansfield’s Miss Brill <p>Katherine Mansfield, one of the most renowned female writers in the world of literature, created 93 works in her brief lifetime, many of which are considered classics by posterity. Mansfield’s outstanding contribution to literature lies in her innovation in the realm of short stories, and she is widely recognized as one of the finest short story writers in the history of English literature. <em>Miss Brill</em> is one such masterpiece, depicting the story of Miss Brill as she dresses neatly and goes to the park on a Sunday, sitting on a bench and observing the people passing by, listening to their conversations and the band playing. She imagines herself as a part of their world, but her illusions are shattered by a young couple, and she returns home, disheartened, to what feels like a cupboard of a home. This short story exemplifies the artistic techniques in Mansfield's storytelling, with one of the prominent features being the charm emanating from the stylistic choices in her works. Literary stylistics is concerned with the language features of literary works, exploring how authors use language to express the themes of their works and enhance their aesthetic value. This paper will delve into literary stylistics, focusing on the text of the short story <em>Miss Brill</em>, examining its lexical features, grammatical features, and figures of speech to explore how Mansfield uses specific language choices to convey and enhance the thematic significance and aesthetic effects of her work.</p> 艳轲 史 Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 An Effectiveness Evaluation on Critical Thinking Exercises in Chinese College English Textbooks <p>Cultivating students’ critical thinking has long been the consensus reached by the international education circle and a common goal of international higher education reform. However, the training of critical thinking of college students in China started late, and no mature talent training system has been formed in higher education. As a compulsory public basic course for college students in China, College English is one of the most involved courses in universities. As an important material and tool for teaching and learning, the design quality of college English textbook exercises will directly affect the quality of teaching and talent training. Therefore, this study analyzes the effectiveness of textbook exercise design, with a view to contributing to college English textbooks and teaching reform, so as to help students develop critical thinking. In this study, exercises in New Horizons College English (Reading and Writing Course 1), one of the most widely used textbooks, were selected for discourse analysis, and the Delphi Panel’s Dualistic Model was used as a comparison for internal evaluation. Moreover, taking a Chinese university as an example, questionnaire survey are used to conduct external evaluation of textbook exercise design, found that: (a) Exercises in Chinese college English textbooks correspond to the cognitive skills mentioned in the Dualistic Model, which is helpful to the training of students' critical thinking; (b) There are also some problems, such as the imbalance of skills training and the homogenization of questioning methods; (c) Students of College English generally have a high recognition of the importance of critical thinking and textbook design, but believe that textbook design, course teaching and assessment need to be reformed.</p> hui lyu Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 A study of stone carving workers in Tang Dynasty -- taking Shao Jianhe and Shao Jianchu as examples <p>The Tang Dynasty was a period of extreme prosperity of stone carving culture in Chinese history. In this period, stone carving was rich in content and huge in volume, and a large number of classic stone inscription calligraphy works emerged. This paper first studies the background of the development of stone carving in the Tang Dynasty and the general situation of the carving groups in the Tang Dynasty, then further explores the carving business of Shao's family, and finally analyzes the relationship between calligraphers and carving workers by taking the Shao Brothers and Liu Gongquan as examples. This paper aims to further enhance the status of this group in the history of Chinese calligraphy through the analysis and study of the individual cases of the Tang Dynasty carving group, and affirm the contribution of this group in the history of Chinese calligraphy.</p> Yuhan Liu Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Teaching Reform of Literature Retrieval Course under the Accreditation of Engineering Education <p>The professional certification of engineering education has put forward new requirements for talent training in the new period, and the literature retrieval course can not only cultivate the information quality of students, but also provide strong support for the talent training requirements put forward by the engineering certification as a course with strong practicability. Here we analyze the problems in the process of teaching the literature search course for the bioengineering majors of Linyi University and put forward the corresponding solutions to provide a little experience and suggestions for the reform of other courses in the future.</p> Jiayu Duan Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Combining lecture-based and team-based learning to improve clinical immunology practice effects in the laboratory department of a teaching hospital in China <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p>Objectives: In order to cope with the severe situation of the current COVID-19 epidemic and to provide better quality medical staffs for the Chinese medical system, as well as to promote the continuous development of clinical laboratory medicine towards standardization, normalization and technical automation. The application value of the lecture-based learning (LBL) and team-based learning (TBL) dual-track mode for internship in the clinical immunology subgroup of the laboratory department was evaluated in conjunction with the current undergraduate education mode of clinical laboratory technology in China, to provide a more efficient method for enhancing the comprehensive ability of interns in the laboratory department. Methods: A total of 61 laboratory interns from the grade 2017 of Southwest Medical University in China were collected and randomly divided into two groups: A and B. The group A adopted the traditional LBL teaching mode, and group B used the LBL-TBL dual-track teaching mode. The students' comprehensive abilities such as theoretical knowledge and experimental skills under the teaching models were compared. And finally the teaching effect was evaluated by theoretical assessment and questionnaire. Results: The satisfaction rate of group B was remarkably higher than that of group A in terms of analyzing skills, problems-solving ability and clinical operation (P &lt; 0.05). There was no significant difference between the two groups involving in theoretical achievement levels (P &gt; 0.05), but group B had a greater satisfaction rate than group A for enhancing theoretical knowledge acquisition. Conclusions: The LBL-TBL dual-track teaching mode plays a positive role for the internship in the laboratory department, which helps to improve the independent learning capability, analyzing skills and problems-solving ability. The LBL-TBL dual-track teaching method is worth further promotion in clinical immunology practice of the laboratory department.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Ting Ye, Hong Wan, Song Cheng, Jing Quan, Jie Zhou, Jian Deng, Bizhen Dai, Mingxue Yang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Construction and Practice of the Undergraduate Teaching System of New Media Technology <p>With the rapid development of new technologies such as mobile internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, new media has become an important force in the communication field. It is imperative to build a complete undergraduate teaching system of new media technology and cultivate versatile talents to meet the needs of industry development. Taking the majors of new media technology and new media (big data news communication direction) at Qilu University of Technology as an example, this study analyzes the issues in talent training objectives, curriculum setting, teaching content and teaching methods through literature review, questionnaires and interviews. It is proposed to build a modularized and flexible curriculum system oriented to ability training, increase cutting-edge new media technology courses, and strengthen the cultivation of software and hardware platform application abilities. In terms of teaching methods, project-driven teaching methods are implemented, distinctive project training courses are set up to promote knowledge application and comprehensive ability training. The research shows that building an open, flexible undergraduate teaching system of new media technology that emphasizes cross integration will help improve the quality of talent cultivation and enable talents to better meet the needs of new media industry development. This study provides theoretical support and practical approaches for promoting the teaching reform of the new media technology major.</p> Jilei Chao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The occurrence and comprehensive control technology of pine wilt disease <p>Pine wilt disease is known as one of the most harmful forestry diseases in the world. It is called the "cancer" of pine trees and seriously threatens forest resources and ecological environment. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the prevention and control of pine wilt disease. This article introduces the pathogens and pathogenesis characteristics of pine wilt disease, summarizes the strategies adopted by Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries to prevent and control pine wilt disease, and proposes specific comprehensive prevention and control technologies for pine wilt disease from the aspects of quarantine treatment, chemical control, biological control, and physical control. This study is expected to provide a reference for the sustainable development of forest resources and the effective prevention and control of pine wilt disease.</p> Wenhui Zhang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 CLASSROOM TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP PRACTICES ON VOCATIONAL STUDENTS' ACADEMIC MOTIVATION <p>With&nbsp;the&nbsp;strategic&nbsp;expansion&nbsp;of&nbsp;vocational&nbsp;education&nbsp;in&nbsp;China,&nbsp;enhancing&nbsp;student&nbsp;motivation&nbsp;is&nbsp;imperative&nbsp;yet&nbsp;challenging.&nbsp;This&nbsp;mixed&nbsp;methods&nbsp;study&nbsp;investigates&nbsp;how&nbsp;vocational&nbsp;college&nbsp;administrators’&nbsp;leadership&nbsp;styles&nbsp;correlate&nbsp;to&nbsp;student&nbsp;motivation.&nbsp;Surveying&nbsp;370&nbsp;students&nbsp;across&nbsp;7&nbsp;colleges&nbsp;in&nbsp;Shandong&nbsp;Province&nbsp;revealed&nbsp;moderate&nbsp;transformational&nbsp;leadership&nbsp;positively&nbsp;predicted&nbsp;intrinsic&nbsp;motivation&nbsp;and&nbsp;negatively&nbsp;predicted&nbsp;amotivation,&nbsp;while&nbsp;showing&nbsp;negligible&nbsp;association&nbsp;with&nbsp;controlled&nbsp;extrinsic&nbsp;motivations.&nbsp;Interviews&nbsp;with&nbsp;15&nbsp;students&nbsp;and&nbsp;7&nbsp;administrators&nbsp;offered&nbsp;qualitative&nbsp;insights&nbsp;into&nbsp;leadership’s&nbsp;motivational&nbsp;impact.&nbsp;Although&nbsp;moderately&nbsp;transformational&nbsp;overall,&nbsp;administrators&nbsp;lacking&nbsp;strategic&nbsp;vision&nbsp;and&nbsp;overemphasizing&nbsp;skills&nbsp;dampened&nbsp;engagement.&nbsp;Students&nbsp;desired&nbsp;more&nbsp;inspiration,&nbsp;participation,&nbsp;and&nbsp;individualized&nbsp;support.&nbsp;Findings&nbsp;suggest&nbsp;extending&nbsp;transformational&nbsp;leadership&nbsp;development&nbsp;in&nbsp;vocational&nbsp;colleges&nbsp;to&nbsp;foster&nbsp;internalized&nbsp;motivation.&nbsp;This&nbsp;study&nbsp;provides&nbsp;empirical&nbsp;evidence&nbsp;and&nbsp;guidance&nbsp;to&nbsp;enhance&nbsp;leadership&nbsp;strategies&nbsp;for&nbsp;motivating&nbsp;China’s&nbsp;emerging&nbsp;generation&nbsp;of&nbsp;vocationally-trained&nbsp;talent.</p> Guodong Cai Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Design and application of flipped classroom with online teaching in international finance courses <p>According to the previous research on online teaching mode, taking international finance course as an example, flipped classroom is applied to online teaching in colleges and pre-class, in-class and after-class design is carried out. This mode of teaching is adopted for students majoring in financial engineering at grade 2021 and traditional mode of teaching is adopted for students majoring in financial engineering at grade 2020. The research findings are as follows: Flipped classroom with online teaching significantly improves students' evaluation of teachers' teaching satisfaction. Although the adoption of this mode also improves the average test score and teaching quality evaluation of this course, the significance is not high, and the impact degree is weaker than that of teaching satisfaction evaluation.</p> Shumei Xiao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Construction and practice of the teaching evaluation system for the undergraduate major of New Media Technology <p>This study explores the construction and practical implementation of a teaching evaluation system tailored for the undergraduate major of New Media Technology. Rooted in literature advocating for formative assessments and critical thinking skills, the research endeavors to fill this void with a bespoke 360-degree comprehensive evaluation mechanism. Drawing on principles of objectivity, comprehensiveness, adaptability, and developmental focus, the study proposes a system encompassing self-evaluation, peer evaluation, student evaluation, and third-party evaluation. Beyond its immediate application in New Media Technology, the study emphasizes the broader implications of its findings for emerging interdisciplinary majors, aiming to contribute to national strategies for scientific and technological innovation. The study unfolds in the context of the New Media Technology major at Qilu University of Technology, offering specific insights into curriculum features, talent cultivation objectives, and industry requisites. Following a detailed exploration of evaluation principles, content, and methods, the study presents the results of the newly implemented system, revealing nuanced strengths and areas for improvement. These findings culminate in a set of recommendations aimed at continuous system review, enhanced collaborative engagement, increased practical application in instructional design, strategic resource allocation, industry integration, and comprehensive student support services. The conclusion reflects on the study's contribution to refining teaching evaluation systems, fostering ongoing improvements, and nurturing the next generation of talents in the ever-evolving landscape of new media technology.</p> Yanling Guo Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Global Commerce in Transition: Recent Legal Shifts in International Trade Law <p>This study offers a comprehensive analysis of the evolving landscape of International Trade Law in response to dynamic global forces. Tracing the historical foundations through mercantilism to the contemporary era, the research explores key developments such as the creation of the World Trade Organization, the rise of digitalization, and the integration of environmental and social considerations. Recent legal shifts are examined in terms of the broadening scope, enhanced structure, and augmented complexity of International Trade Law. The study highlights the transformative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and provides valuable insights for businesses, policymakers, and researchers navigating the complexities of an interconnected and dynamic global economy. As International Trade Law adapts to emerging challenges, the study underscores its pivotal role in fostering fairness, justice, and global economic cooperation.</p> Chengjin Li Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 China's Economic Evolution: From WTO Accession to Global Leadership <p>This study provides a comprehensive exploration of the transformative journey of China's economic policies and global engagement from its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 to the present day. The analysis spans three distinct phases: the initial shift from a centrally planned to a market-oriented system, the full integration into the global economic system marked by meticulous adherence to WTO commitments, and the subsequent era characterized by the Belt and Road Initiative and high-quality development strategies. Examining key milestones such as the establishment of free trade zones, internationalization of the yuan, and participation in significant agreements like the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CECAI), the study highlights China's pivotal role in shaping global economic structures. The findings underscore China's commitment to opening-up, fostering international cooperation, and contributing significantly to reshaping the global economic landscape.</p> Suqing Yao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 STRATEGIES FOR IMPROVING PERFORMANCE AND MOTIVATION AMONG ACADEMIC STAFF IN HIGHER EDUCATION <p>This study delves into the key factors influencing performance effectiveness and motivation among academic staff in higher education. A comprehensive analysis was carried out with a primary focus on the role of effective management strategies including, fostering innovation and creativity, recognizing efforts, awarding impressive titles, ensuring regular salary payments and compensations, providing opportunities for professional development, availing instructional resources, and improving institutional facilities. The research employed a quantitative methodology, with data collected through surveys from a significant number of academic staff members. The findings underline the high relevance of these strategies in enhancing staff performance and motivation. Major insights revealed that a combination of professional recognition, financial incentives, growth opportunities, quality resources, and well-equipped working environments play a crucial role in academic staff's effectiveness. This study's outcomes propose invaluable guidelines for university managers and policymakers, aiming at creating conducive environments that foster academic excellence. The research also advocates for further in-depth studies examining these factors in different higher education contexts to enrich the understanding and implementation of effective motivational strategies.</p> Meixiang Zhao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 PROBLEMS AND REFORM STRATEGIES OF COLLEGE DANCE EDUCATION UNDER THE BACKGROUND OF QUALITY EDUCATION <p>College dance education plays a crucial role in training qualified dance professionals and promoting the art form. However, it currently faces problems affecting program quality, including lack of standardization, outdated curricula and facilities, shortages of qualified faculty, and more. This paper analyzes key issues and challenges for college dance programs in China through an extensive literature review. Potential reform measures are proposed such as improving teacher training, modernizing curricula and teaching methods, upgrading facilities and equipment, and strengthening industry partnerships. Findings suggest comprehensive reforms are needed across areas such as administration, curriculum, faculty, facilities and assessment to improve program quality and enable college dance education to better meet the needs of the cultural market.</p> lei yao Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 THE ROLE AND CHALLENGES OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION <p>This paper examines the increasing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in information technology (IT) higher education and the key opportunities and challenges associated with its adoption. A review of 75-100 research studies published during 2016-2022 and industry perspectives reveals AI’s effectiveness in improving learning outcomes through personalized, adaptive systems. However, integrating AI also poses risks regarding transparency, accountability, automation, biases, accessibility, and ethical impacts. Faculty perceptions, technology readiness, curriculum reform needs, and policy implications are analyzed under a conceptual framework integrating technology adoption and AI ethics theories. Qualitative methodology entails literature analysis to highlight AI’s advantages in optimizing human teaching efforts while weighing concerns around dehumanization, data privacy, and disempowerment. Balanced policies and practices focused on developing students’ AI competencies alongside critical thinking abilities are recommended to harness AI’s potential equitably and ethically. Deliberate efforts are needed to engineer inclusion into AI systems and uphold transparency in automated decision-making. The study informs strategies for readying IT students to responsibly apply AI tools to augment human capabilities.</p> Xuejiao Bai Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Early Childhood Education Teacher Training Effectiveness Study <p>Since 2019, China has endorsed a series of initiatives supporting the training of early childhood education teachers. With numerous higher vocational institutions introducing early childhood education programs, there is a growing interest in assessing the effectiveness of short-term training. This study investigates the efficacy of early childhood education training methods by conducting a satisfaction survey among students. It examines the interconnections between effectiveness and political, economic, and cultural factors. Employing a questionnaire survey approach, participants include undergraduate students majoring in early childhood education, interns, teachers in early childhood education institutions, and university faculty members.</p> SHU HAN Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 TEACHERS' TRAINING SKILLS & STUDENTS' PERFORMANCE IN ACADEMIC COMPETITIONS <p>In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, the symbiotic relationship between effective teaching methodologies and students' academic achievements has garnered considerable attention. This study explores the intricate nexus between teachers' training skills and students' performance in academic competitions, focusing on Hubei University of Science and Technology(HUST). As a beacon of academic excellence, HUST's participation and success in the 'Internet+' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition provide a unique context for investigation.</p> <p>The central research problem delves into understanding the dynamics between teachers' training skills and students' performance, emphasizing the specific context of innovation and entrepreneurship within the 'Internet+' competition. The study scrutinizes whether educators at HUST significantly influence their students' success in academic competitions, particularly those demanding a synthesis of technical skills, innovation, and entrepreneurial acumen.</p> <p>Contributing nuanced insights to the well-established link between quality teaching and student success, this study aims to unravel specific skills and pedagogical approaches beneficial in the context of academic competitions. Additionally, the research explores how teachers contribute to shaping students' innovation and entrepreneurial mindset, crucial in the contemporary, technology-driven economy.</p> <p>With a twofold purpose, the study empirically examines the relationship between teachers' training skills and students' success in academic competitions while elucidating the mechanisms through which teachers contribute to students' innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities. Focusing on HUST, this research provides context-specific insights that extend beyond the university, contributing to the broader discourse on the interplay between teaching effectiveness and students' achievements in academic competitions.</p> Lirui Yang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The exploration and practice of curriculum ideological and political education into the whole process of molecular diagnostics teaching <p>&nbsp;Molecular diagnostics, as one of the core courses of medical laboratory technology major, has dual attributes of natural science and humanities. Combined with the social background of the post-epidemic era, by analyzing the necessity of implementing curriculum ideological and political education, it explores the whole-course education, all-round education and full education from the aspects of teaching design and methods, and provides new ideas for the realization of accurate ideological and political education.</p> Hao Chen, LIU Tangyuheng, ZHOU Wenjing, JIAO Lin, ZHOU Juan Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Risk Management of International Trade in the Context of BRI: A Case study of DF Company in China <p>The study explores the intricate landscape of global commerce, focusing on the evolving challenges and opportunities in international business. The study centers on DF Company, a prominent Chinese engineering contracting firm, and analyzes its risk management practices in the context of the Belt and Road initiative. The Belt and Road strategy, with its goals of policy coordination, infrastructure connectivity, trade facilitation, currency circulation, and people-to-people bonds, presents both historical continuity and new opportunities for international trade. The research adopts a qualitative case study design, delving into DF Company's operations through interviews, document analysis, and direct observation. The findings reveal that DF Company faces multifaceted challenges in managing international trade risks, particularly in the areas of political, policy, social, technological, and cultural risks. The paper concludes with comprehensive recommendations for DF Company, emphasizing proactive risk management, political risk mitigation, adaptation to policy changes, addressing social risks, technological capability enhancement, cultural risk management, and safety measures in conflict-prone areas. These recommendations aim to strengthen DF Company's international trade risk management framework within the Belt and Road initiative.</p> Zhaoxia Ren Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Research on the English Translation Strategies for the Subtitle of the News Documentaries in the Context of "Chinese Culture Going Outside" <p>Documentary communication plays a significant role in strengthening international communication capacities. Documentaries are easily understood and recognized by people from diverse cultural backgrounds due to their credibility, appeal, and artistry. Under the background of Chinese culture "going outside", domestic documentaries bear the heavy responsibility of exporting excellent traditional culture and promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. As a cultural and artistic provider, it displays a truly three-dimensional and comprehensive image of China, and is devoted to telling Chinese stories well and spreading Chinese voices. The documentary text has information that directly reflects the corresponding culture, which makes its subtitles an effective carrier of cultural transmission. This paper takes the news documentary "the CPC Way" as a case study, which analyzes the current situation of translating news documentary subtitles, discusses the challenges involved in documentary translation and proposes appropriate translation strategies. With the aim of encouraging more scholars to pay attention to the translation of documentary subtitles, in order to help Chinese culture "going outside".</p> 元韬 赵 Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Harmony in Art: Sun Yinchang's Journey from Rural Realism to Contemporary Symbolism <p>The study explores the multifaceted artistic journey of Sun Yinchang, a self-taught "peasant painter" from rural northern China, whose fusion of realism and symbolism in oil paintings forms a captivating narrative. The study explores his unconventional artistic development, emphasizing his departure from academic paths and the attainment of professional competence through personal perception. Operating as an outsider within the artistic system, Sun's career as a freelance artist without a fixed income serves as a valuable case study for contemporary youth aspiring to become oil painters outside established institutional frameworks. His unwavering commitment to rural life, thematic continuity in his work, and symbolic representations of memory, such as corn and agricultural tools, distinguish him from stereotypical portrayals of "peasants" and secure recognition within the domestic art industry. The comprehensive exploration employs qualitative inquiry and visual analysis, drawing insights from interviews with Sun and meticulous examination of his celebrated series. The abstract further analyzes Sun Yinchang's distinctive realistic style, the interplay of compositional form, the "top-down" perspective, and the symbolic implications of his chosen motifs, providing sociological insights into art and offering inspiration for contemporary artists aligning their work with personal concepts.</p> XIAOHAN SUN Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Ethnomusicological Perspectives on Gaomi Miaoqiang: Unveiling the Cultural Tapestry <p>This ethnomusicological study delves into the vibrant tapestry of Gaomi Miaoqiang, a traditional Chinese folk opera hailing from the Shandong province, exploring its historical evolution, linguistic intricacies, musical characteristics, and cultural implications. With a foundation rooted in the "肘鼓子" (Zhou Guzi) series of Shandong local operas, Gaomi Miaoqiang has evolved over centuries, blending folk singing styles and incorporating influences from Huagu yangge and Lüqin opera. Acknowledged as China's 67th National Intangible Cultural Heritage, Gaomi Miaoqiang represents a profound cultural legacy.The study scrutinizes the language features of Gaomi Miaoqiang, emphasizing simplicity, clarity, and the integration of local dialects, reflecting the rural life of the Gaomi community. Musical analysis unveils the operatic singing styles, instrumental accompaniment, and the evolution of musical composition. From the authentic tones of the "Original Board" to the intricate patterns of the "Dayoutou Board," Gaomi Miaoqiang's musical journey embodies emotional depth and narrative complexity. The study also explores the roles, makeup, costumes, and stage art, highlighting the art form's transition from grassroots performances to professional troupes. Furthermore, Gaomi Miaoqiang's cultural significance is illuminated, portraying its role as a conduit for spiritual solace and emotional release within local communities. Recognizing its enduring influence, the study advocates for the preservation of Gaomi Miaoqiang's distinctiveness amid urban influences. As Gaomi Miaoqiang navigates the intersection of tradition and modernity, it emerges as a cultural beacon, casting light on the rich legacy of Chinese folk opera and emphasizing the critical role of ethnomusicology in unraveling the intricate threads of cultural heritage.</p> Xuyao Tan Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes through Interactive Approaches in College Vocal Music Instruction <p>This study investigates the enhancement of student engagement and learning outcomes in college vocal music instruction at Bozhou University, Anhui Province, China, through the implementation of interactive approaches. Recognizing the pivotal role of music education in shaping artistic and academic development, the research addresses the current challenges in student engagement and identifies the pressing need for innovative instructional strategies. The study employs a qualitative research design, conducting in-depth interviews with 25 undergraduate students to explore their perceptions of current vocal music instruction and the impact of interactive methodologies. Findings reveal diverse student perspectives on teaching methods, engagement levels, collaborative learning, technology integration, and assessment processes. The study highlights the potential of interactive elements, such as active learning strategies and technology-assisted instruction, to positively influence student engagement. Furthermore, it explores the implications of interactive approaches on learning outcomes, emphasizing holistic skill development and leveraging technology for effective learning facilitation. The discussion outlines practical implications for curriculum design, educator professional development, and the creation of a supportive learning environment. The findings contribute valuable insights to the ongoing discourse on effective music education strategies, providing a foundation for curriculum refinement and innovation in the evolving landscape of collegiate music education.</p> JIAKAI CAO Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Exploring and Revitalizing Anhui's Traditional Music: A Cultural Journey <p style="font-weight: 400;">This paper explores the intricate tapestry of Anhui's &nbsp;traditional music culture, situated in the heart of China, where history, geography, and artistic expressions converge. Spanning epochs marked by conflicts and migrations, Anhui's Traditional Music emerges as a resilient testament to the diversity inherent in Chinese musical history. However, the study unveils critical challenges threatening its inheritance and development. Weak awareness, insufficient exploration of cultural resources, and a succession gap demand urgent attention.</p> <p style="font-weight: 400;">Addressing these challenges, the paper proposes practical strategies for the revitalization of Anhui's musical heritage. Broadening dissemination paths, innovating traditional music content, strengthening cultural inheritor training, and integrating music culture into schools form a comprehensive framework. Beyond academic discourse, these strategies present a proactive response to ensure the continuity of Anhui's rich cultural legacy.</p> <p style="font-weight: 400;">In envisioning the future, the paper emphasizes the integration of modern technologies, calling for a dynamic engagement with dissemination platforms. This is not a static preservation effort; rather, it is a dynamic call to breathe new life into Anhui's Traditional Music. The proposed strategies aim to usher in an era where Anhui's musical traditions resonate vibrantly, transcending temporal boundaries and enriching the cultural mosaic of China. The paper, thus, extends a collective call to action, inviting scholars, enthusiasts, policymakers, and the public to actively participate in this cultural revitalization, ensuring the enduring legacy of Anhui's Traditional Music in the cultural fabric of the nation.</p> SHUANG CAO Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Application of Blockchain Technology in Enterprise Value Chain Cost Management <p>This paper examines the application of blockchain technology in managing costs across the enterprise value chain. A literature review analyzes current research on blockchain-based supply chain management and cost optimization models. The methodology employs a case study approach to evaluate the implementation of blockchain platforms in reducing transaction fees, enhancing transparency, and streamlining operations. Results demonstrate measurable improvements in cost-efficiency, reporting accuracy, and partner collaboration. Tables illustrate quantitative impacts in areas including inventory holding reductions, contract enforcement savings, and lowered IT expenses. Findings suggest blockchain solutions enable robust tracking and coordination of end-to-end workflows, although further integration work is needed. In conclusion, blockchain technology shows promise in transforming enterprise value chains to be more responsive and economical.</p> zhiping zhang Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Adopting the Contingency Theory Lens: An Examination of Effective Management Practices in Chinese Graduate Education - A Case Study of Nanchang University <p><strong>Abstract:</strong>&nbsp;This study investigates effective management practices in Chinese graduate education, focusing on Nanchang University and adopting the Contingency Theory Lens. Through qualitative interviews with 20 university teachers, the research unravels a tapestry of insights highlighting the nuanced and contingent nature of management strategies. Themes including leadership adaptability, contingent decision-making, resource allocation dynamics, and the impact of institutional initiatives collectively contribute to a comprehensive understanding of graduate education complexities. The findings resonate with Contingency Theory, emphasizing the adaptability required in leadership styles, decision-making processes, and resource optimization. The study underscores the importance of context-specific insights, revealing the delicate balance required for effective management in the ever-evolving landscape of Chinese graduate education. As a testament to the significance of adaptability, responsiveness, and continuous improvement, this research not only enriches our understanding of management practices at Nanchang University but also contributes valuable insights to the broader discourse on educational management. The findings serve as a foundation for informed decision-making, policy formulation, and future research endeavors in navigating the dynamic field of graduate education in China.</p> Peiwei Zou Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 New Athletes Involvement on Team Sports: towards Mitigating Anxiety and Depression <p>This study explores the potential of new athletes' involvement in team sports as a proactive intervention to mitigate anxiety and depression among 1st and 2nd-year students at Shandong College of Economics and Business. College life, marked by academic challenges and social adjustments, has witnessed a rising prevalence of mental health issues globally. Recognizing the impact of anxiety and depression on academic performance and overall well-being, this research aims to contribute evidence-based insights into the role of physical activity in fostering mental health among college students. Building on the multifaceted benefits of Physical Education (PE) and sports, this study employs a quantitative research design with 280 participants. Descriptive statistics reveal moderate anxiety (M = 15.2, SD = 4.5) and depression (M = 12.8, SD = 3.8) levels. Significantly, actively engaged participants in team sports exhibit lower anxiety and depression than their less-involved peers. Correlation and regression analyses underscore the negative association between hours of team sports participation per week and anxiety/depression levels, emphasizing the potential protective role of sustained engagement .The study contributes to a paradigm shift, advocating for the integration of structured physical activity, particularly through team sports, as a cornerstone in the promotion of mental health among college students. The gender-specific impact highlights the need for tailored interventions, encouraging colleges and universities to prioritize and promote organized team sports programs for holistic student well-being.</p> Zhuanglong Guo Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Effective Strategies and Methods to Enhance Music Practical Teaching in Higher Vocational Preschool Education <p><strong>Abstract</strong>:This paper studies&nbsp;of effective strategies and methods to elevate music practical teaching in higher vocational preschool education. Acknowledging the pivotal role of higher vocational preschools in shaping the foundational years of a child's development, the study navigates through a comprehensive exploration of the significance of music education. Grounded in a robust literature review, the paper highlights the importance of curriculum design, instructional techniques, assessment methods, and the seamless integration of technology in shaping impactful music education experiences.Theoretical frameworks, notably the Suzuki Method and Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory, offer insights into pedagogical and socio-cultural aspects, emphasizing the creation of positive and immersive musical environments and collaborative learning experiences. Subsequently, the paper presents effective strategies, including the incorporation of technology, active learning approaches, and the customization of lessons to individual needs. The multifaceted benefits of music practical teaching in cognitive, emotional, and social domains are explored, emphasizing its role in holistic preschooler development.&nbsp;The study advocates for continuous professional development for music educators, stressing the importance of staying abreast of evolving pedagogical trends, engaging in collaboration and networking, and remaining informed about current trends and research in music education. By embracing these strategies, educators can cultivate a vibrant and enriching musical environment that fosters a lifelong love for music and nurtures the holistic development of preschool learners.</p> YiPin Chen Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Role of English Language Support Programs on International Academic Mobility of University Students in Shandong College of Economics and Business, China <p>This paper explores the pivotal role of English language support programs in shaping the international academic mobility experiences of university students at Shandong College of Economics and Business, China. Conducting a quantitative study involving 150 participants engaged in international academic mobility, the research investigates the impact of language support initiatives, identifies challenges faced by students, and gathers suggestions for program improvement. Results reveal significant improvements in English language proficiency, academic performance, and overall satisfaction among participants. Challenges encountered, including language barriers, cultural adjustment, academic rigor, and social integration, underscore the complexities of global academic experiences. Participants' suggestions for program improvement, emphasizing increased language practice opportunities, enhanced cultural preparation, additional academic support, and more social events, provide actionable insights for program refinement. This study contributes to the broader discourse on the internationalization of higher education, emphasizing the transformative potential of language support programs in fostering successful global academic mobility experiences. The findings hold implications for institutions globally seeking to optimize language support initiatives for an increasingly diverse student body and nurture globally competent citizens.</p> Juan Li Copyright (c) 2023 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Research on Destination Brand Construction and Promotion-A Comparative Analysis of Guilin, China, and Santa Ana, Philippines <p>This research conducts a comparative analysis of destination brand construction and promotion strategies in Guilin, China, and Santa Ana, Philippines. Grounded in Destination Branding Theory and Tourist Perception and Satisfaction Theory, the study aims to unravel the strategic processes involved in crafting and managing the brand images of these distinct locations. Guilin, celebrated for its iconic karst landscapes and cultural heritage, stands as a symbol of natural beauty in China. In contrast, Santa Ana, a coastal gem in the Philippines, offers pristine beaches and marine biodiversity, positioning itself as a relatively untapped destination. The study employs a mixed-methods approach, combining in-depth interviews, surveys, and theoretical frameworks to examine the historical development, key brand components, and promotion strategies of both destinations. The findings reveal Guilin's well- stablished brand components, emphasizing natural wonders and cultural richness, attracting visitors primarily driven by natural beauty. Santa Ana, while showcasing comparable natural beauty, relies on its cultural richness and sustainable tourism practices, positioning itself as an experiential destination. Challenges such as overcrowding and infrastructure development vary between the destinations, offering opportunities for strategic management and growth. The study concludes with tailored promotional recommendations for Guilin and Santa Ana, emphasizing the need for destination-specific strategies aligned with responsible tourism practices, ensuring a harmonious balance between growth and preservation. The research contributes nuanced insights into destination branding, providing a foundation for sustainable tourism management in diverse cultural and geographical contexts.</p> lan wang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Construction of evaluation Framework for classroom Teaching Reform of students Empowered by Digitalization <p>The pervasive infiltration of digital technologies into education has brought both opportunities and challenges for empowering students through classroom teaching reforms. However, research evaluating the impacts of such reforms on multidimensional student empowerment remains limited. This mixed methods study aimed to develop a comprehensive evaluation framework to assess the outcomes of digital classroom reforms across five empowerment dimensions: engagement, motivation, autonomy, collaboration, and digital literacy. The sample included 300 college students and 20 teachers from three schools that have implemented technology-driven instructional reforms in the past two years. Quantitative survey data and qualitative insights from interviews and observations were integrated to evaluate the reforms. Results revealed increased student interest, confidence, self-direction and teamwork abilities. However, some forms of technology integration decreased quality student-teacher interactions. Over-reliance on educational technologies was linked to distractions and diminished personalized guidance. The evaluation framework provides a robust tool to systematically identify strengths and weaknesses of reforms from multiple stakeholder perspectives. It enables educators to refine digitally-enhanced pedagogies to optimize empowering effects. Insights gained showcase the importance of balancing student-driven active learning with teacher facilitation and mentorship. Implementation factors such as digital citizenship modeling and scaffolding self-directed learning skills are also key to ensuring technologies empower rather than distract. The study contributes an evidence-based framework to inform the design of classroom teaching reforms that leverage digitalization to fully develop motivated, engaged learners equipped to thrive in the century.</p> Yuzhi Zhu Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Utilization of Constitutive Elements in Unjust Legal Actions <p>The system that deals with unfairness in civil transactions in China has been continuously improved as a result of the dynamic nature of the market economy. The objective is to deter inequitable conditions and transactions in civil exchanges, guaranteeing that contractual parties participate in commerce founded on principles of equity and free will. This paper examines the fundamental components of unjust legal actions as outlined in the Chinese Civil Code. It investigates how these elements are applied and evolved in legal practice, and draws comparisons with similar legal systems worldwide, particularly the approaches taken in Germany and France. The aim is to offer insights that can contribute to enhancing the Chinese legal system. Hence, the study suggests practical uses for the fundamental components of unjust legal activities, such as improving the objective factors, broadening the subjective factors, and incorporating the dynamic system theory to tackle identification challenges in the field of judiciary. The suggestions propose the creation of a precise and adaptable legal framework to quantify unequal exchanges and consider transactional backgrounds as objective factors. They also recommend expanding three subjective elements: "a notable deficiency in the determination of the party", "manipulation by the party in power" and "violation of the genuine intention of the party". Additionally, they suggest managing the relationship between the constitutive conditions of unfairness in a flexible manner based on the specific circumstances of each case. These measures aim to achieve judicial fairness and improve judicial efficiency.</p> Xinyu Liu, Pengling Li Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Comparison of the English Versions of Poem Lu Zhai <div><span lang="EN-US">Chinese classical poetry, as a treasure of Chinese culture, has always attracted numerous translators. Translating classical poetry not only requires accurately conveying the artistic conception and expression of the original work, but also requires flexible application of translation techniques to adapt to different language and cultural backgrounds. Poetry translation is a difficult point in the translation of literary works, and poetry is known as “literature in literature”. Its form is brief but its meaning is profound, “words are here and meaning is there, words are full and meaning is infinite”. This article will take the classic Chinese classical poem “Lu Zhai"”as an example, and use the method of literature review to collect and analyze G W. Translated versions by two translators, G.W. Robinson and Xu Yuanchong. Firstly, a comprehensive reading and understanding of the two versions were conducted. Secondly, by comparing the translation styles of the two versions, we compared rhyme, image, sentence as well as arrangement. Through these comparisons, the article draws conclusions about the different stylistic characteristics of the two translators. This study is of great significance in revealing translators’ understanding and expression of classical poetry.</span></div> Xuefei Zhao Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Innovative Models of Cooperation between Business Administration Majors in Universities and Enterprises <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p>University business administration programs strive to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in industry. However, traditional cooperation models between universities and enterprises often fail to offer cutting-edge practical engagement. Through semi-structured interviews with Shandong Province 32 university department heads and business managers along with surveys from 217 students and employees, this mixed methods study aimed to uncover potentially innovative models of collaboration that effectively equip graduates for the modern workplace.</p> <p>The key findings reveal 4 collaborative archetypes deemed innovative by over three-fourths of experts, including intensive capstones with partner companies, corporate co-creation of competency frameworks integrated into curricula, rotational cross-appointments of university and company talent, and consortium advisory boards that reciprocally inform program development. Enabling success factors include aligned values, communication structures that mitigate bureaucracy, networks for talent pipeline development, and flexibility in partnership formalization. Challenges center on initial partnership development, ensuring continuity, and measuring outcomes over time horizons longer than typical academic or business quarters. By identifying best practices within these innovative collaboration models, the study provides insight into improving partnerships’ equipping of next generation corporate and entrepreneurial business leaders.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> yuang chen Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Overcoming Immune Evasion in CAR-T Cell Therapy: Mechanisms and Coping Strategies for Clonal Evolution in Multiple Myeloma <p>This paper addresses the issue of immune evasion in CAR-T cell therapy, exploring&nbsp;the mechanisms underlying clonal evolution in multiple myeloma and proposing corresponding coping strategies. Overcoming these challenges necessitates a comprehensive approach, incorporating alternative therapeutic modalities and the advancement of next-generation CAR-T cell therapy. Furthermore, prioritizing in-depth investigations into drug resistance and immune evasion mechanisms, tailoring treatment strategies to individual patients, and conducting clinical trials and regulatory initiatives emerge as key focal points for future research. These endeavors are anticipated to propel the advancement of CAR-T cell therapy in multiple myeloma, offering enhanced treatment prospects for patients.</p> Hua Li, Benben Zhu Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Cultural Harmonies: Exploring Compositional Techniques and Cultural Fusion in Guizhou Ethnic Minority Music <p>This study investigates compositional techniques within Guizhou Ethnic Minority Music, focusing on the transformative influence of cultural fusion. Through interviews with local musicians from the Miao, Dong, Yi, and Shui ethnic groups, the research identifies recurring elements and variations in musical practices. Cultural fusion emerges as a dynamic force shaping compositional creativity, where deliberate blending of traditional instruments, melodic motifs, and rhythmic patterns transcends individual ethnic styles. The impact on the listener's perception reveals enhanced accessibility and relatability, attracting a diverse audience. The dual role of cultural fusion is evident—preserving cultural identity while catalyzing musical evolution. As musicians adapt tradition to contemporary contexts, Guizhou Ethnic Minority Music becomes a bridge between heritage and innovation. The study contributes to broader discussions on global music by highlighting the power of cultural fusion in fostering cross-cultural understanding. Guizhou's musicians emerge as cultural ambassadors, shaping a narrative that transcends geographic boundaries, inviting scholars and enthusiasts to explore the intricate interplay of tradition, innovation, and cultural exchange in the musical realm.</p> Yuxiang Huang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Cultural Expression and Identity of Philippine Ethnic Music in the Era of Globalization <p>This research investigates the intricate interplay between cultural expression and identity of Philippine Ethnic Music in the era of globalization, with a specific focus on teachers and students at the Philippine Women's University. Through a qualitative research approach, a questionnaire utilizing a Likert-4 scale was distributed to 300 participants. The findings reveal diverse perceptions regarding the role of ethnic music, the impact of globalization on cultural identity, and the strengths and weaknesses of current pedagogical practices. Strategies for integration, encompassing both global and local perspectives, are proposed to enhance music education. The study also identifies challenges faced by educators and students, emphasizing opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and community involvement. The results contribute valuable insights into the multifaceted dimensions of Philippine Ethnic Music within a globalized context. Recommendations stemming from this study can inform educators, policymakers, and stakeholders, fostering a more comprehensive and culturally enriched approach to music education. This research serves as a significant resource for understanding and navigating the dynamic landscape of cultural expression and identity in the realm of Philippine Ethnic Music.</p> MEI WANG Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Thu, 15 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Wheel of Women: Global Female Artists Expound Lifecycle Themes through 'Calendar' <p>Since the emergence of the second wave of feminism in the late 1960s, feminist scholars have significantly influenced the study of visual culture, while female artists have made notable strides in exploring form, subject matter, and avant-garde expression. This paper examines the utilization of the "Calendar" motif by several feminist artists as a symbol representing the passage of time. Through this visual language, these artists convey themes intricately linked to the female experience, such as growth, change, maturity, and aging. Their transformative approach extends beyond mere subjects and artistic techniques to encompass a unique perspective characterized by the liberation from external viewpoints and the male-dominated gaze, redirecting attention to the inner world of women. In doing so, female artists offer a nuanced and profound exploration of humanity, emotions, and life experiences, transcending simplistic gender labels and feminist advocacy. The paper explres the evolution of Calendar paintings, shedding light on their depiction of historical and aesthetic shifts in Chinese society. Serving as a hallmark of its era, the Calendar not only chronicles the progression of national capitalism but also mirrors the cultural metamorphosis of old China. Furthermore, the paper explores contemporary female artists' engagement with cyclical themes, illustrating how they navigate the life cycle, natural rhythms, and women's experiences across diverse mediums. Finally, the author's photographic creation is discussed, offering reflections on Chinese women's pursuit of autonomy amidst the interplay of tradition and modernity.</p> Si Min Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 17 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0000