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However, Chinese enterprises face challenges in breaking through existing management bottlenecks, hindering innovation and leading to phenomena of rapid growth followed by swift decline. This paper aims to address these challenges by exploring the relationship between budget management and performance appraisal, highlighting their vital role in enterprise total value management. By aligning budgeting with strategy and operations and establishing fair performance evaluation systems, organizations can cultivate environments conducive to internal competition, fostering a corporate culture replete with entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. The study analyzes existing issues in current budget management and performance appraisal, such as imperfect systems, rigid practices, and talent shortages, proposing strategies to strengthen enterprise budget and performance management. These strategies include enhancing organizational structures, integrating resources with strategic focus, strengthening PDCA cycles, and establishing effective assessment mechanisms. By leveraging cloud platforms and big data, and actively pursuing legislative reforms, enterprises can optimize their budget management and performance evaluation systems, ultimately driving sustained growth and competitiveness in dynamic market environments.</p> li sha liu Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Application of Ethnic Folk Dance Elements in Choreographic Techniques from a Contemporary Perspective - Exploring the Fusion of Dai Ethnic Folk Dance and Modernity <p>Chinese dance, rooted in a diverse cultural heritage, encompasses various styles reflecting the traditions of different ethnic groups in China. Among these, Dai Ethnic Folk Dance, originating from the Dai people of southwestern China, is notable for its intricate movements, vibrant costumes, and rhythmic music. As a means of preserving cultural identity and fostering community cohesion, Dai Ethnic Folk Dance plays a significant role in Dai cultural expression, particularly during festive occasions and traditional ceremonies. With China's modernization and globalization, there is a growing interest in blending traditional dance forms with contemporary artistic expressions, presenting an opportunity to revitalize ethnic dance traditions while stimulating creativity in Chinese dance. This research investigates the integration of Dai Ethnic Folk Dance into contemporary choreography, focusing on practitioners' perceptions and approaches to this fusion. Through qualitative interviews with students and teachers from Chinese dance programs at prominent universities, this study explores the implications of incorporating Dai Ethnic Folk Dance into modern dance practices. Findings reveal a shared belief in the potential for blending traditional Dai dance elements with modern choreographic techniques, enriching the Chinese dance landscape and promoting intercultural dialogue. Recommendations include incorporating Dai Ethnic Folk Dance into dance curriculum, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, and promoting awareness of Dai culture and dance traditions.</p> xiaowei Lei Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Role of Continuing Education in Lifelong Learning: A Quantitative Study in Two Universities in China <p style="font-weight: 400;">This quantitative study explores the role of continuing education (CE) in fostering lifelong learning among students in two universities in China: Hunan University of Science and Technology&nbsp;and Changsha University of Science and Technology. The research investigates students' attitudes, perceptions, and engagement levels towards continuing education, aiming to provide insights into the effectiveness of existing CE programs and identify areas for improvement. A structured questionnaire was administered to 300 undergraduate and graduate students, utilizing Likert scale responses. Results indicate a balanced representation across gender identities, with varying levels of engagement across academic years and fields of study. The majority of respondents report prior experience with CE, indicating proactive engagement in lifelong learning activities. Findings also reveal a generally positive outlook towards lifelong learning, with high levels of agreement on the importance of self-directed learning, adaptability, and openness to new ideas. Engagement with CE activities is predominantly positive, with strong participation in industry conferences, online courses, and additional certifications. Participants perceive CE as positively influencing academic performance, career prospects, and personal growth. The study underscores the significance of integrating CE initiatives into educational frameworks to support holistic student development and promote lifelong learning. It emphasizes the importance of addressing barriers to access and enhancing skills development within CE programs to empower students for success in today's dynamic job market.</p> JIANG QI Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Students' Cognition of Art Education and Its Impact on Personal Growth in Selected Schools of China: Towards Integrating Critical Thinking into Artistic Practices <p>This study investigates Chinese middle school students' perceptions of art education and its influence on personal growth and development. A sample of 450 students from Zhejiang Province middle schools completed a survey assessing perceived impacts of arts engagement. Results revealed students rated the greatest enhancement in creativity, followed by imagination and general knowledge. Females reported higher creativity gains than males. Ninth graders perceived greater knowledge growth compared to seventh graders. Students valued affective development most strongly, followed by behavioral then cognitive impacts. Perceived intrapersonal growth positively correlated with broader personal gains. Flow experiences during arts activities associated with higher ratings across all domains. Overall, findings substantiate multidimensional benefits of arts immersion for holistic cultivation aligned with China's curriculum reform goals. However, gaps persist in equitable access and tailored programming. Recommendations include expanded teacher training, needs-based funding formulas, student-centered adaptation, gender-inclusive pedagogies, leveraging community resources, balanced assessment systems, and communicating advocacy evidence to promote supportive policies and environments ensuring high-quality arts education reaches all Chinese youth. This study elucidates students’ perceptions validating arts engagement as a pathway towards national cultural prosperity and innovation.</p> mei zhou Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 A Quantitative Study on the Intersection of Personal Competence and Classroom Efficiency in Dance Teaching: A Case of Middle and Primary Schools in Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, China <p>Dance education plays a vital role in fostering creativity, self-confidence, and overall well-being among students. Effective dance instruction requires a deep understanding of the intersection between personal competence and classroom efficiency among dance teachers. However, this intersection remains relatively unexplored, particularly in the context of Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, China. To address this gap, this quantitative study examines how dance teachers' personal competence influences classroom efficiency in terms of student engagement, learning outcomes, and overall teaching effectiveness. A sample of 93 dance teachers from 45&nbsp;primary and secondary&nbsp;schools in Dongchangfu District participated in the study. The findings reveal that dance teachers generally perceive themselves as competent and effective in their teaching practices, with high levels of technical skills, pedagogical knowledge, adaptability in teaching methods, communication effectiveness, and engagement in professional development activities. Moreover, teachers reported high levels of classroom efficiency, including student participation and engagement, achievement of learning objectives, effectiveness of teaching methods, classroom behavior management, and overall satisfaction with teaching outcomes. The study underscores the importance of continuous professional development, student-centered instructional strategies, effective classroom management, and support for novice teachers in enhancing dance education practices. The implications of the findings for practice, policy, and future research are discussed.</p> Shuangshuang Liu Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Research on Language Teaching Models under the Background of New Generation Information Technology <p>With the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, education has also ushered in the opportunity for change. In school language teaching, the application of new-generation information technology can provide students with more flexible and diverse learning methods, and promote the improvement of students' innovation and practical ability. At the same time, school language teaching, as an important part of basic education, also needs to constantly explore new teaching methods and technologies to further realize scientization in order to improve teaching effectiveness and quality. In this paper, we will discuss the research on the application of new generation information technology in school language teaching from the needs of school language teaching, respectively, from the learning content, teaching methods, evaluation methods and other aspects,And we have a further deep understanding of the diversity, science, fun and interactivity brought by the new generation of information technology in the field of teaching and learning.</p> Mingxue Zhang, Jiaqi Wang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Navigating Legal Responsibilities in Chinese Private Equity Investments: A Comprehensive Study on Human Resource Management Practices <p>Human Resource Management (HRM) plays a pivotal role in the success and sustainability of ventures, particularly within the complex domain of Chinese private equity investments. This study delves into the multifaceted legal responsibilities inherent in HRM practices within this context, aiming to provide comprehensive insights essential for effective organizational management and compliance. Drawing upon specific Chinese laws, empirical data, and relevant citations, the study scrutinizes crucial areas such as employment law compliance, corporate governance obligations, adherence to industry-specific regulations, and compliance with international labor standards. Through a detailed examination of key legal obligations and regulatory frameworks, the research illuminates the challenges faced by human resource professionals and private equity firms in China, offering valuable insights for practitioners and organizational leaders alike. By emphasizing proactive compliance initiatives and the significance of ethical labor practices, this study contributes to the cultivation of a regulatory-aware and ethically conscious environment conducive to organizational success in the dynamic landscape of Chinese private equity investments.</p> Xinfang Yang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Instructional Planning Proficiency of Instructors in the Vocational College as a Predictor of Teaching Performance <p>This study investigates the correlation between instructional planning proficiency and teaching performance in the context of vocational education at Neijiang Vocational and Technical College, China. The research, conducted with 240 respondents, explores the demographic profile, instructional design competence, consideration of student background, teaching performance and engagement, and classroom management and adaptability. Findings indicate a commendable level of instructional planning proficiency among instructors, with positive correlations to teaching performance, engagement, and effective classroom management. The study employs Cognitive Load Theory as a theoretical framework, emphasizing the significance of managing cognitive load in vocational education. Implications underscore the need for targeted professional development to further enhance instructional planning capabilities, fostering continuous improvement among instructors. The research contributes valuable insights for policy development, decision-making, and faculty development initiatives in vocational education.</p> wenlong gao Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 A Comprehensive Analysis on the Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching Public Art Courses: A Case of JN Normal University, Inner Mongolia, China <p>This study discusses the challenges and opportunities encountered in teaching public art courses at JN Normal University, Inner Mongolia, China. Through qualitative interviews with 65 students and 15 teachers, the study identifies key challenges such as inadequate resources, curriculum design issues, and administrative pressures. Despite these challenges, opportunities for innovation and enhancement are also explored, including interdisciplinary collaboration, community engagement, and the integration of technology. The study provides evidence-based insights and recommendations to improve the quality and effectiveness of public art education, ultimately enriching the learning experience for students and teachers.</p> Liangliang Song Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Research on Pre-borrowing Invoices in Universities under Accounting Informatization <p>In the context of the reform of the government accounting system, the basis of accounting of colleges and universities has transformed from the original single ‘cash basis’ to the dual basic model that includes the ‘cash basis’ and ‘accrual basis’. This change undoubtedly brings new challenges to the financial management of colleges and universities. The pre-borrowing invoice business exists in universities, and with the development of accounting informatization, how to effectively manage and prevent the risks of pre-borrowing invoices has become an urgent problem. Combined with the actual work situation, this paper deeply analyzes the risk points of the pre-borrowing invoice business, and puts forward corresponding preventive measures from the two dimensions of pre-borrowing invoice management and accounting based on the background of information technology.</p> CHUNXIAO ZHU, SHUNCHAO HU Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Current Situation and Enhancement of College Students' Mental Health <p>The purpose of this study is to investigate college students and examine the current status of their mental health, so as to provide a basis for improving the mental health of college students. Three hundred and ninety-six college students were selected as the research subjects and their mental health was investigated by questionnaire method. The results showed that: 1. The mean scores of each dimension of SCL-90 and the mean scores of SCL-90 total scores ranged from 1.2654 to 1.7997, which were higher than the theoretical value of asymptomatic (1 point); the SCL-90 total scores were also higher than the theoretical value of asymptomatic (90 points). 2. The number of college students whose mean scores of each of the 10 dimensions of SCL-90, and whose mean scores of the total score of the scale reached the score of the positive symptom determinationranged from 9.09% to 31.06%; the proportion of college students whose total scores on the SCL-90 reached the positive symptom determination score was 16.41%, and the level of college students' mental health was relatively low.3. Effective and feasible methods to improve college students' mental health have been proposed. This study not only investigates the current situation of college students' mental health, but also provides empirical support and theoretical guidance for improving college students' mental health.</p> XIAOWEI WANG, JIHU LU, TINGTING HU, YAN WANG Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 A Study on the Relationship between Social Support and Subjective Well being of Vocational College Students <p>The objective of this research is to examine the correlation between social support and subjective well-being among vocational college students using empirical surveys. The intention is to provide a foundation for increasing their mental health and improving their subjective well-being. A total of 375 students from vocational colleges were chosen as participants, and their levels of social support and subjective well-being were assessed by the administration of a questionnaire. The findings indicated a substantial positive correlation between subjective well-being and objective support, subjective support, usage of support, and the overall social support score. (2) Female vocational college students exhibit a notably greater degree of assistance use compared to their male counterparts. There exists a notable disparity in survival rates between students pursuing liberal arts and those studying science in terms of subjective well-being, with science students exhibiting much greater levels of subjective well-being compared to liberal arts students. There are notable variations seen across different grades in terms of objective support, subjective support, usage of support, overall social support score, and subjective well-being. Following the LSD post-test analysis, it was determined that freshman students exhibited significantly lower levels of objective support, subjective support, total social support score, and subjective well-being score compared to students in other grades. On the other hand, sophomore students scored significantly higher than students in other grades in terms of utilization of support. (3) A multiple regression analysis revealed that objective support, subjective support, and usage of support positively predict subjective well-being. This research examines the correlation between social support and subjective well-being and offers empirical evidence and theoretical direction to enhance the subjective well-being of vocational college students via more focused coaching.</p> JIHU LU Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 From Grasslands to Global Beats: A Study of Mongolian Ethnic Music Integration in Chinese Pop <p>This study goes into the integration of Mongolian Ethnic Music into Chinese pop culture, exploring its historical roots, musical characteristics, and contemporary manifestations. Mongolian Ethnic Music, rooted in millennia of tradition and nomadic heritage, reflects the spiritual essence and cultural richness of the Mongolian people. Through an examination of ancient origins, influences of shamanism and Buddhism, and modern developments, the evolution of Mongolian music is traced, showcasing its diverse melodic, rhythmic, and tonal qualities. The classification of Mongolian music genres and styles, including the Hulunbuir, Xilingol, Ordos, and Alxa styles, highlights regional distinctions and stylistic variations. Furthermore, the study examines the integration of Mongolian Ethnic Music into Chinese pop through the works of renowned musicians such as Tengger, Han Lei, and Dege Ma, exemplifying a fusion of traditional melodies with modern sensibilities. Ulan Tuya, Qi Feng, and Yang Weiling represent contemporary artists contributing to the diversification of Chinese pop music with their unique styles. This exploration underscores the cultural significance of Mongolian Ethnic Music as a bridge between traditions, enriching the global music landscape while preserving the heritage of the Mongolian people.</p> Menghao Yang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Mental Well-being and Self-efficacy Among Students in a Vocational & Technical College in Shaanxi Province, China <p>This study investigates the interconnected dynamics of mental well-being and self-efficacy among students enrolled at Shaanxi Vocational &amp; Technical College in Shaanxi Province, China. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by students in vocational and technical education, the research adopts a qualitative approach, employing interviews with both students and teachers to gain comprehensive insights. The findings reveal that academic pressures significantly impact students' mental well-being, contributing to heightened stress and anxiety. Social support systems, particularly peer relationships, emerge as crucial in mitigating these challenges, emphasizing the importance of fostering a supportive community. Moreover, self-efficacy is closely tied to practical experiences and skills development within the vocational education system. The study highlights the pivotal role of teachers in shaping students' self-confidence through encouragement and constructive feedback. Career aspirations are identified as influential in shaping self-efficacy, with students having clear goals expressing higher levels of confidence. Based on the findings, the study proposes recommendations to strengthen support systems, promote social support networks, provide teacher training, offer comprehensive career guidance, and enhance the curriculum to incorporate more practical experiences. The recommendations aim to create an environment conducive to the holistic development of students, preparing them for academic success and future careers. The study concludes by emphasizing the importance of ongoing research and evaluation to ensure continuous improvement in support systems and educational practices. Implementing these recommendations can significantly contribute to the positive mental health and self-efficacy of students at Shaanxi Vocational &amp; Technical College, ultimately enhancing their overall educational experience and future</p> FEI FU Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Research Progress on Fog Cultivation Technology for Potato Seed Production <p>The market demand for potato seed (minituber) is increasing with the progression and expansion of the potato industry, and the potato seed degeneration has become one of the important factors to restrict the yield and quality of potatoes in the actual development of potato industry. In recent years, the aeroponic cultivation of potato seed has the advantages of high yield and high efficiency as a newly developed virus-free production technology, which effectively solves the problems of soil-borne diseases and continuous cropping obstacles during the potato seed production, as well as opens up a new way for the scalization of potato seed production. In this thesis, the key points of potato seed aeroponic technology, the facility intelligentization development, the core nutrient solution and cultivation management and methods of automatic control of supply system were elaborated, the current problems and application prospects of this technology are summarized based on personal production experience, aimed to provide some foundations for the production as well as practical guidance of potato seed aeroponics cultivation.</p> Ya Ru Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 A Study of Female Alienation in The Year of the Flood From the Perspective of Fromm's Alienation Theory <p>The Year of the Flood is the second book in Margaret Atwood's <em>MaddAddam Trilogy</em>. As a Canadian literary queen, Margaret mainly explores the issue of women's situation and prospects in the society. She depicts the current situation of women with delicate strokes, and<em>&nbsp;The Year of the Flood</em>&nbsp;is a typical example of this. This novel depicts the post-apocalyptic scenario faced by mankind after a waterless flood. The work delves into the postmodern society's over-reliance on technology and material development. People blindly pursue development rather than to fulfil real needs. In this background, the novel reveals the alienating effects of the egoistic tendencies of the society on women's existential condition. This paper applies Fromm's Alienation Theory to analyse the existential situation faced by women in the novel in a capitalist society. The society tends to take economic growth and technological progress as the criteria for measuring social progress, while ignoring the carrying capacity of the ecological environment and the spiritual needs of human beings. This single path of pursuing development not only causes damage to nature, but also alienates women's state of being. Margaret Atwood's works aim to provoke thinking and self-reflection, calling attention to the interactive relationship between man and nature, and man and society. She tries to establish a social order full of respect, equality and social responsibility. Only by truly liberating women and paying attention to the natural environment can mankind achieve true freedom and liberation.</p> Rongmin Zhao Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Pentadic Criticism of Select Western and Chinese Plays <p>This study applies Burke’s Pentadic Criticism on the study of selected western and Chinese plays (The Family Reunion by T.S. Eliot; Thunderstorm by Cao Yu) to explore the pentadic elements inherent in each of them. From the perspective of pentadic criticism, the five elements of act, agent, agency, scene, and purpose in the plays, as well as the ten pairs of ratios between them are probed into to figure out the rhetors’ motives individually. Through the analyses of both pentadic criticism, the researcher find out that the rhetors’ motives can be discerned by analyzing their choices in shaping the acts, scenes, agents, agencies, and purposes within the play.</p> Haowen HUANG, Concepcion G. Doyugan Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The integration of OBE concept and BOPPPS teaching mode in college physics course <p>College physics is a compulsory public course for students majoring in Science, Engineering,&nbsp;Agriculture and Medicine&nbsp;at universities. It aims to cultivate students' physical thinking and ability to analyze and address&nbsp;problems, so as to lay a foundation for students' future specialized courses. Taking "The effect of magnetic field on current-carrying wire" as an example, this paper carries out a research on the teaching design of BOPPPS model of college physics course&nbsp;based on OBE concept, and explores a new path and strategy for teaching reform model of college physics course.</p> Jidong Zhang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Leadership Dimension Factors Among University Administrators Affecting Instructors' Job Satisfaction in a Technology University in China <p>This study explores leadership dimensions among university administrators and their impact on instructors' job satisfaction in a Chinese technology university, specifically Hubei University of Technology. Against the backdrop of China's rapid growth in higher education and challenges unique to technology-focused institutions, the research investigates the role of leadership in shaping the academic environment. Employing a quantitative research approach, a cross-sectional survey design with 340 respondents was used, along with a comprehensive questionnaire based on the Transformational Leadership Theory. Positive trends in job satisfaction, especially in Teaching and Research Opportunities, Work Environment, and Leadership Support, are revealed. Transformational leadership factors, including idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration, show strong positive correlations with job satisfaction. Despite commendable overall satisfaction levels, attention is needed to address concerns raised by a minority of instructors reporting significant dissatisfaction. The findings contribute insights into effective leadership practices within Chinese technology universities, offering actionable recommendations for administrators, policymakers, and academic leaders. The study concludes by outlining implications for enhancing leadership practices, fostering instructor satisfaction, and promoting the success of technology-focused educational institutions in China and beyond.</p> jiaqi yang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Assessing Stress Levels and Coping Mechanisms among Vocational and Technical College Students:A Case of XXX College, China <p>Stress is a prevalent issue among college students, exacerbated by academic demands, workload, time pressure, and future career concerns. Vocational and technical college students face additional stressors related to specialized programs, including technical skills training and industry expectations. This study focuses on stress levels and coping mechanisms among students at the XXX College&nbsp;in Guangdong, China, using a qualitative approach. In-depth interviews were conducted with 35 participants, revealing academic pressure, financial concerns, and personal/social challenges as significant stressors. Coping mechanisms included seeking social support, engaging in recreational activities, practicing mindfulness, and seeking professional help. The findings underscore the importance of targeted interventions and support systems to enhance student well-being and academic success in vocational and technical education.</p> Juhua Wan Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Unveiling the Dynamics of Human Capital Valuation: Insights from Human Resource Accounting <p> In the contemporary knowledge economy, the value of enterprises increasingly hinges on the quality of their human capital. Human Resource Accounting (HRA) emerges as a pivotal field, offering methodologies to quantify, evaluate, and manage human capital effectively. This paper delves into the theoretical underpinnings of HRA, exploring models such as Human Resource Cost Accounting and Human Resource Value Accounting. Additionally, it examines the challenges hindering the widespread adoption of HRA, including theoretical immaturity, limited understanding, integration issues with corporate culture, cautious information disclosure, assessor competence deficiencies, and weak enterprise talent concepts. Strategies to overcome these challenges are proposed, encompassing enhancements to the theoretical framework, information technology proficiency, competence of accounting personnel, optimization of HR department functions, and refinement of legislation. By addressing these challenges and implementing strategic solutions, enterprises can effectively leverage human resources to achieve sustainable development and navigate the complexities of the modern market environment.</p> li kang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Sports Participation of College Students Towards Youth’s Physical Development in Anhui Province <p>This study investigates the impact of sports participation on the physical development of college students in Anhui Province, China, with a focus on Anhui Fuyang Institute of Technology. Against the backdrop of the institute's commitment to industry-education integration and the unique sociocultural context of Anhui Province, the research adopts a descriptive-comparative quantitative design. The study involves 377 randomly sampled full-time students, employing a comprehensive questionnaire to assess academic, emotional-social-moral, and physical dimensions. The findings reveal positive correlations between sports engagement and academic performance, self-confidence, social relationships, and physical well-being. While demonstrating a generally favorable association, the study identifies nuanced challenges, emphasizing the need for tailored sports programs to address specific physical issues. The research contributes valuable insights for educators, policymakers, and practitioners, proposing a development program to enhance sports participation and holistic development among college students at Anhui Fuyang Institute of Technology.</p> xiangchao Liu Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Consumer Perspectives on Commercial Pension Insurance Products: Insights and Implications <p>This study delves into the consumer perspectives on commercial pension insurance products, aiming to uncover insights into awareness, understanding, preferences, and concerns among consumers. Through interviews with 50 participants from five prominent Chinese insurance companies, the study examines demographic characteristics, awareness levels, perceived benefits and risks, factors influencing purchase decisions, and satisfaction with current products. The findings reveal a nuanced landscape wherein participants recognize the importance of pension insurance for long-term financial security but express apprehensions regarding policy transparency, affordability, and reliability. Trust in insurance companies, reputation, and financial stability emerge as primary factors influencing purchase decisions, highlighting the need for flexible and affordable policy options aligned with individual retirement goals. Comparative analysis among companies underscores variations in consumer perceptions, emphasizing the importance of continual product evaluation and improvement to meet evolving consumer needs. The study concludes by advocating for enhanced consumer education initiatives and regulatory frameworks to foster transparency and consumer welfare within the competitive insurance market.</p> XIUNING HUO Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Case study Based on Ogane's Problem-solving Process <p>In the 1980s, there were problems in the teaching of problem-solving in mathematics in the former Soviet Union, such as formulaic solutions and a lack of emphasis on teaching mathematical thinking. Therefore, Oganesian believes that in the traditional education system and in a large number of mathematical teaching practices, the role of mathematical exercises in developing students' mathematical level is limited. Mathematical exercises are difficult to test students' other aspects of mathematical development and ideological education factors. Introducing new teaching models is an urgent need for teaching mathematical problem-solving. Based on this, Oganesian proposed four steps for solving problems in his book "Teaching Methods for Primary and Secondary School Mathematics": understanding the problem conditions-developing a solution plan - implementing the solution plan - researching the obtained solutions. The article takes the "theorem for determining the perpendicularity of a straight line to a plane" in mathematics as an example, and analyzes its application based on the process of solving problems using the Oganesian method. By introducing mathematical problems into the Oganesian phase problem-solving process, gradually solving problems, delving into the vertical relationship between lines and planes, and analyzing their significance and role in practical applications. Assist students in cultivating thinking methods and problem-solving strategies for mathematical problem-solving systems, guide them to solve mathematical problems more deeply and accurately, enhance the problem-solving ability of mathematical learners, and optimize their thinking logic.</p> Fengxian Li, Fengqing Li, Dongchen Zhao, Yuan Li, Qian Bi Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Operation Management of Grocery Retailer in the UK: A Case of Tesco <p>Tesco is the biggest grocery retailer in the UK focused on food products selling and some non-food services such as clothing, home appliances, financial, etc. Over the last five years, Tesco has had a healthy growth in revenues and net profits, which reflects the success of Tesco's operations management. The purpose of the study is to explore the successful operation management of Tesco company, which can bring some inspiration for other companies to grow. This paper mainly includes operation design (products, service, process, and layout design), resource planning and control, and capacity management. In terms of operation design, Tesco launched a new baby food range with absolutely no salt or sugar, no artificial colors or spices to protect children’s health; Clubcard, Scan as you go, staff visibility, and Online shopping &amp; Delivery adopted for giving customers’ more benefits and convenience; Tesco belongs to mass service process, adopts tracking technology named thermal imaging cameras to monitor queue lengths, reduce customer waiting time, increasing service speed and flexibility. Tesco mainly uses a functional layout, keeps the layout of its stores the same to allow customers to quickly find the goods, saving shopping time, and designed the display locations of its products to increase its revenue. For Planning and control, Tesco belongs to ‘Produce to stock’, which shows the characteristics of a high volume of products, which can save customers’ time, because the products have been produced in advance for customers to buy. Regarding Capacity management, Tesco adopted a mixed strategy which is chase demand and demand management to manage mismatches. Effective operation management strategies have made outstanding contributions to the realization of Tesco's business objectives, profit increase, and long-term development.</p> Shujun Meng Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation: Exploring Cross-cultural Elements in Contemporary Chinese Piano Compositions <p>With the globalization of music education, the piano has emerged as a universally embraced instrument, serving as a conduit for cultural exchange. Chinese piano music, a fusion of traditional Chinese and Western cultures, occupies a crucial position in global music education. This study investigates the cultural significance, impact on cultural identity, cross-cultural elements, and pedagogical approaches associated with contemporary Chinese piano compositions. Through qualitative analysis of survey data collected from 30 music majors at Yunnan University of the Arts Wenhua College, several key findings emerged. Chinese piano music plays a vital role in representing contemporary Chinese culture on a global stage, harmonizing traditional elements with innovative approaches. Engagement with this genre positively influences cultural identity and pride among students, fostering a deeper connection to their heritage. The study identifies cross-cultural elements and innovative techniques in Chinese piano compositions, providing insights for educators and composers. Furthermore, it highlights the need for a more balanced representation of Chinese piano music in music education curricula, addressing gaps and biases in current pedagogical approaches. Overall, this study contributes to a deeper understanding of contemporary Chinese piano music's cultural significance and its implications for music education, cultural diplomacy, and compositional innovation.</p> Yingna Zhao Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Problems and Countermeasures of Faculty Construction in Private Colleges and Universities <p>Private higher education has developed into an important part of China’s higher education, and its development history can be described as a mixture of opportunities and challenges, achievements and confusion. The construction of private higher education faculty is faced with the challenges of serious brain drain, imbalance of talent structure, and low professional identity. Improving regulations and systems, completing supporting policies; standardising internal management, perfecting the guarantee system; strengthening the training of teachers and improving professionalism can effectively enhance the overall development of private higher education and achieve sustainable development.</p> Lingli Zhang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Resonance of Tradition: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Historical and Cultural Dimensions of Mongolian Ethnic Music in China <p>This paper studies the historical evolution and cultural inheritance of Mongolian ethnic music within China, particularly focusing on the nomadic traditions entrenched in Inner Mongolia. Tracing its roots from ancient times to the contemporary era, the research illuminates the profound connection between the musical heritage of the Mongolian people and their nomadic lifestyle. Through a meticulous historical analysis and literature review, the study unfolds the intricate layers of Mongolian ethnic music, showcasing the significance of traditional instruments and vocal techniques. The paper explores the impact of imperial influences, socio-political changes, and the challenges faced in the past decades on the musical landscape. Furthermore, it highlights the contemporary expressions and global resonance of Mongolian ethnic music, emphasizing its role as a cultural ambassador. The research not only contributes to the nuanced understanding of this musical tradition but also adds valuable insights to the broader field of ethnomusicology, fostering cross-cultural dialogue and addressing the dynamics of cultural preservation in a global context.</p> yue yang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Exploring the Impact of Music Arts Education on Cognitive Development in College Students: A Qualitative Study at HD College in Inner Mongolia, China <p>This qualitative study explores the impact of music arts education on cognitive development among college students at HD College in Inner Mongolia, China. Drawing upon phenomenological inquiry, the research aims to investigate students' perceptions of the effects of music arts education on cognitive processes and to understand their experiences and perspectives within this context. The study involves 60 participants from the art department, who engage in semi-structured interviews to provide rich insights into their lived experiences with music education. The findings reveal that music arts education enhances cognitive abilities such as memory retention, critical thinking, and emotional regulation. Additionally, students report experiencing personal growth, social connection, and emotional well-being through their engagement with music education. While the study contributes to our understanding of the multifaceted benefits of music arts education, it also highlights the need for further research to explore the long-term effects, comparative analyses across different contexts, and interventions aimed at optimizing music education for cognitive development.</p> Yanjun Xu, Yao Liu Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Research on the Teaching Pathways of English Major Curriculum Ideological and Political Education from the Perspective of “Cultural Confidence” <p>With the rapid development of global information technology and the continuous deepening of the new educational philosophy of College English majors, College English teaching is no longer limited to helping students lay a solid foundation in English language, but also to cultivate students’&nbsp;cross-cultural awareness, cultural identity, and national pride. College teachers should fully integrate China’s excellent traditional culture, integrate “curriculum ideological and political education”&nbsp;into practical teaching to enhance students’&nbsp;cultural confidence, and promote China’s excellent traditional cultural ideas<sup>[</sup><sup>1</sup><sup>]</sup>. “Integrated English”&nbsp;as a core professional course shoulders the dual mission of language learning and cultural exchange. The long-standing Chinese culture provides a rich source for the ideological and political courses of College English majors. This article, from the perspective of cultural confidence, combines the current situation of English major teaching in university education, analyzes the significance of developing ideological and political courses for College English majors from the perspective of cultural confidence, and explores effective ways to implement ideological and political education for College English majors from the perspective of cultural confidence. The author takes the course <em>Contemporary</em><em>&nbsp;College English Intensive Reading</em>&nbsp;1&nbsp;as an example, explores the ideological and political elements in the textbook from the perspective of cultural confidence, designs a teaching outline that combines teaching objectives and ideological and political objectives, and explores the practical path of implementing the function of ideological and political education in College English teaching.</p> Shaofang Cui Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 A Study on the Legitimization Strategy in War Discourse <p>All kinds of human social activities are inseparable from language, and war is no exception. Compared with other social behaviors, people naturally have a fear and resistance to war, especially the unjust war of aggression. Faced with this situation, politicians skillfully used various discourse legitimization strategies to win public opinion support for the smooth progress of the war. This paper uses Reyes's discourse legitimization strategy framework to analyze the discourse of American officials in the Iraq War, and reveals how the United States beautifies an aggressive war into a just and noble war against terrorism.</p> Xinyue Li, Dekun Li; Guang Sun Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Core competency oriented problem-solving teaching ----Taking "Solving Application Problems with a System of Equations" as an Example <p>The teaching of Mathematical problem-solving is one of the three key teaching points in junior high school mathematics. Solving applied problems through equations (systems) is an important component of the first module of teaching content, "Numbers and Algebra", and holds a very important position. It is a key focus in junior high school mathematics problem-solving teaching. At present, under the premise of the implementation of the new curriculum reform in the field of mathematics in China, based on the recent publication of compulsory education curriculum standards,the teachers of mathematics should focus on cultivating excellent mathematical core literacy among junior high school students, and ensuring that they can independently cope with and solve problems in the math teaching of junior high school. Based on the above background, the author focuses on the newly published mathematics curriculum standards in 2022, and studies the teaching design of "solving application problems for systems of equations". In this paper, we explore the mathematical core literacy elements contained in the teaching of solving applied problems in equations, study the improvement path of mathematical problem-solving teaching, share the teaching design practice and thinking based on core literacy oriented problem-solving teaching, and the important role that this teaching design can play in cultivating students' core literacy .</p> Xiaoling Li, Li Zhongxuan Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Hierarchical Design Optimization Strategy of Primary School Mathematics Homework from the Perspective of Core Literacy <p>Homework is the extension and expansion of classroom teaching, it is inextricably linked with teaching and evaluation, and plays an irreplaceable role in consolidating, expanding, evaluating and reflecting on teachers' teaching and students' learning. The "double reduction" policy requires reducing the heavy homework burden of students, and emphasizes improving the quality of homework design and encouraging the layout of hierarchical, flexible and personalized homework. In view of some problems existing in assignment design, this paper studies hierarchical assignment design strategies from the aspects of level, form and evaluation, so as to make assignment more scientific and reasonable, truly reduce the burden for students, and promote the overall development of students.</p> Yong Wang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 A Research on the Effect of Introducing Speeches in English Classes on Improving Oral English Ability under the Background of Digital Teaching <p>This study&nbsp;investigates how classroom speech training can boost English speaking skills within digital teaching contexts. It reveals that incorporating the ISAS teaching method with English speech training in vocational college courses can significantly enhance students' communication skills, particularly in oral expression. The research employed various methods to demonstrate that classroom speeches effectively elevate students' English speaking proficiency, diversify teaching content and methods, and foster innovation in English speaking education at vocational colleges. Integrating teaching materials with topics relevant to the software field, along with using a range of expressive forms and techniques, aids in broadening students' perspectives, making English classes more practical and engaging, and bolstering their English application skills and professional competencies. The study also highlights the crucial role of teachers' instructional abilities and personal qualities in enriching students' English learning and skill development. It suggests that teachers integrate more speech-focused activities into regular instruction to advance students' comprehensive English capabilities.</p> Jiaxi Lu Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Getting the method of reviving traditional crafts from Malaysian modern pewter craftwork <p>It is a common sense that every country pays attention to protecting and developing own traditional crafts, as one component of traditional cultures which can benefit to protect national memory, unite people, promote cultural confidence, and economic progress. How to develop and revive one traditional craft in contemporary markets is not easy thing for every country due to be difficult for traditional crafts adapting to the new social conditions, and not many successful examples referenced effectively. The traditional pewter craft as one ancient craft has a long history in China, Britain and other traditional making-pewter countries, but in modern time, there is a revival and success in Malaysia. The Malaysian modern pewter craftwork gets many important domestic and international awards; the Malaysian pewter companies acquire many famous traditional making-pewter companies in the world. The pewter craftwork has become one famous business card in Malaysian cultures and tourism industry. This article takes the case study of research method and tries to analyze the reason of the success Malaysian modern pewter craftwork achieved in modern markets, and reveals and concludes the effective methods and experiences of developing healthily a traditional craft in contemporary markets. It is a culture-based education and referential meaning to designers for getting a set of practical and effective methods of designing and reviving traditional crafts in contemporary conditions, this way can make traditional craftwork attracting and satisfying more customers in the world markets.</p> Wei Hu; Zainuddin bin Abindinhazir Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Research on the development status, problems, and optimization path of green finance in commercial banks <p>With the green economy gradually becoming the trend of global economic development, green finance has also risen to China's national strategy and become a new blue ocean business for the future development of commercial banks. The development of green finance not only plays an obvious role in improving economic efficiency and realizing the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, but also plays a great significance role in environmental protection, and realize the harmony and unity of man and nature, which is an important initiative to realize the progress and development of the country.The article firstly points out the problems in the process of green finance development, and analyzes the challenges faced in the process of green finance development. Finally, the article gives the optimized ways for commercial banks to develop green finance from four perspectives, such as learning international law governance experience, introducing the Equator Principles for project evaluation, improving policy support, strengthening government guidance, strengthening product research and development and innovation, and attaching importance to talent cultivation, so as to provide a reference for China to further promote green finance and achieve high-quality development.</p> Jianhong Shang Copyright (c) 2024 Pacific International Journal Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000