Research on the Path of Community Emotional Governance of “Village to Residence”


  • Zhuo Shao Inner Mongolia University



, Emotional Governance, Optimization Path


The "village-to-residential" community is a special form of community in the process of urbanization in China. It has both the characteristics of urban and rural areas, and has its own uniqueness. The "village-to-residential" community has played a relatively important role in the development and evolution of the city, but its traditional self-structure and the modernization of the urban community show a certain contradiction, which leads to various governance problems. How to manage the transformation of villages into communities during this period is an issue that each city attaches great importance to.This paper defines the scope of the village-to-residential community and the concept of emotional governance, expounds the current governance problems of the village-to-residential community from the perspective of emotional governance, and faces the problems of community governance space and cultural space disorder. Through these problems, this paper finds that emotional governance can alleviate the incompatibility of the village to a certain extent on the basis of literature review. At the same time, it proposes the optimization mechanism of emotional governance from the aspects of space, structure and network, hoping to further improve the community governance theory of "village to residential" community governance activities, governance optimization, and scientific practice.


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Shao, Z. (2022). Research on the Path of Community Emotional Governance of “Village to Residence”. Pacific International Journal, 5(1), 08–14.