COVID-19 Pandemic: Looking in the mind of students during lockdown


  • Ravi Kant



COVID-19, Pandemic, Corono Virus, University's students


The entire world is facing an unprecedented Corona pandemic. No one was expected that due to this pandemic entire lifestyle of man will be changed. In the course of prevention of the spread of the Corona infection, all public institution is locked downed including educational institutions. Several weeks-long isolations (social distancing) created some psychological and emotional problems among students. This research is a survey-based descriptive analysis to explore the effects of COVID-19 lockdown on the thinking pattern and emotional behavior of students of Central University of South Bihar, Gaya.  Using snowball sampling a Google survey form was used to collect the data. This form consists of 21 items regarding the emotional, social and psychological aspect of students during the COVID-19 lockdown.  Maximum items are to be answered in Yes or No and some items are given another option can’t say. Total 243 dully filled responses were received. There were 134 males and 109 females who participated in the online survey. Results reveal that maximum students were found worried and anxious about their study and Corona spread. They were feeling panic due to the regular increasing number of Corona infections. This long duration COVID-19 lockdown affected the thinking pattern of students. Now they were more sensitive and inquisitive towards social issues and problems. Research suggests that some counseling sessions should be provided to the students to make them unable to cope up with the current situations.


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Kant, R. (2021). COVID-19 Pandemic: Looking in the mind of students during lockdown. Pacific International Journal, 4(2), 35–42.