Analysis of the Impact Path of China-Pakistan Power Industry Cooperation on Poverty Reduction in Pakistan


  • Xiaoqing Xie School of Public Administration, China University of Geosciences,Wuhan
  • Yuting Bai
  • Xiaoshan Zhang



China-Pakistan power cooperation; Energy; Poverty reduction; Case study


Pakistan has been suffering from a power shortage, and the power supply is far from meeting the electricity demand of production and life in the country. The poverty of electric energy is both the cause and the result of Pakistan's poverty. So to make the people of Pakistan get rid of poverty as soon as possible, it is necessary to improve the electric power infrastructure. Since the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the degree of China-Pakistan power cooperation has been deepened, and the development of Pakistan's power industry has ushered in a new period of opportunity. In this paper, we will analyze the basis of China-Pakistan power industry cooperation and study why cooperation between China and Pakistan can be realized. It also combines several cases to illustrate the positive impact of China-Pakistan power industry cooperation on poverty reduction in Pakistan. Of course, under domestic and international pressure, China-Pakistan power industry cooperation is facing many new difficulties and challenges. China and Pakistan must face these problems and strengthen dialogue and consultation to utilize better the role of power industry cooperation for Pakistan's economic development and social progress.


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DOI: 10.55014/pij.v6iS1.295
Published: 2023-03-05

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Xie, X., Bai, Y., & Zhang, X. (2023). Analysis of the Impact Path of China-Pakistan Power Industry Cooperation on Poverty Reduction in Pakistan. Pacific International Journal, 6(S1), 51–63.



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