Inspiring Factors Among University Students in Joining Sports Activities and Clubs in Hezhou, China




University Sports Participation, Student Motivations, Hezhou University, Qualitative Exploration, Social Influences


This qualitative study explores the inspiring factors driving university students to actively participate in sports activities and clubs at Hezhou University, China. Against the backdrop of Hezhou University's rich history and commitment to academic excellence, the research employs in-depth interviews with 40 students from various disciplines. The thematic analysis reveals three main motivating themes: personal motivations, social influences, and perceived benefits. Personal motivations encompass students' desires for health and fitness, skill development, and stress relief. Social influences, including peer encouragement, role models, and social interaction, highlight the importance of a supportive social environment. Perceived benefits, such as personal growth, a sense of belonging, and recognition, showcase the multifaceted advantages associated with sports engagement. The implications of the findings emphasize the role of universities in promoting health and well-being by prioritizing diverse sports opportunities.Institutions can support skill development through resources and coaching, foster a supportive social environment, and recognize students' achievements to sustain motivation. The study also underscores the transferable skills acquired through sports engagement, advocating for their integration into students' academic and professional lives. Universities are recommended to tailor marketing strategies to resonate with identified motivating factors, fostering inclusive sports engagement. While the study contributes valuable insights, future research should explore challenges in sports participation and investigate long-term impacts. Understanding inspiring factors enhances universities' ability to create an environment that promotes physical, personal, and social development among students.


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