New Athletes Involvement on Team Sports: towards Mitigating Anxiety and Depression


  • Zhuanglong Guo Emilio Aguinaldo College



Team Sports, Anxiety, Depression, College Students, Physical Education (PE)


This study explores the potential of new athletes' involvement in team sports as a proactive intervention to mitigate anxiety and depression among 1st and 2nd-year students at Shandong College of Economics and Business. College life, marked by academic challenges and social adjustments, has witnessed a rising prevalence of mental health issues globally. Recognizing the impact of anxiety and depression on academic performance and overall well-being, this research aims to contribute evidence-based insights into the role of physical activity in fostering mental health among college students. Building on the multifaceted benefits of Physical Education (PE) and sports, this study employs a quantitative research design with 280 participants. Descriptive statistics reveal moderate anxiety (M = 15.2, SD = 4.5) and depression (M = 12.8, SD = 3.8) levels. Significantly, actively engaged participants in team sports exhibit lower anxiety and depression than their less-involved peers. Correlation and regression analyses underscore the negative association between hours of team sports participation per week and anxiety/depression levels, emphasizing the potential protective role of sustained engagement .The study contributes to a paradigm shift, advocating for the integration of structured physical activity, particularly through team sports, as a cornerstone in the promotion of mental health among college students. The gender-specific impact highlights the need for tailored interventions, encouraging colleges and universities to prioritize and promote organized team sports programs for holistic student well-being.


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DOI: 10.55014/pij.v7i1.544
Published: 2024-02-15

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Guo, Z. (2024). New Athletes Involvement on Team Sports: towards Mitigating Anxiety and Depression. Pacific International Journal, 7(1), 156–161.