Synergistic of Solenostemonmonostachyus and Ocimumgratissium for the Management of type -2 -diabetes


  • Ezenwaka, C. O.



Management, diabetes, Zebra fish, control group, efficacy, Zebra fish and Human,, Diazinon,, Mixture,, Ocimum gratissimu,, Solenostemon monstachyus,


The efficacy of synergistics of Solenostemonmonstachyus and Ocimumgratissimumfor the management of type -2 –diabetes using Zebra fishwas investigated. The plants were dried at room temperature, grounded and the powder pooled together, homogenized and extracted for 7 hours using the Soxhlet apparatus. A total of 75 zebra fish were used and were divided into five groups of five juveniles per test concentration in three replicates. Group A was given de-chlorinated water; B was treated with 0.25mg/L diazinon only while other groups were exposed to the same concentration as in group B, but with different concentrations of the plant’s extract. Group C, D, and E received 250, 500, and 750mg/L respectively. Water quality parameters and blood chemistry were estimated in the experimental and control fish on days 7, 14, 21, and 28th. All the blood parameters were significant P less than 0.05 affected by diazinon when compared with the control. But were reversible in the plant extract mixture treated fish and were dose and time-dependent reduction, even less than the control group. This finding had shown the efficacy of these plants’ extract and the use of zebrafish as a toxicological tool. Thus, the thorough study of these plants' mixture is indispensable, so as to find a lasting solution to the ailment that has been given people a nightmare.


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DOI: 10.55014/pij.v1i3.57
Published: 2018-09-30

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Ezenwaka, C. O. (2018). Synergistic of Solenostemonmonostachyus and Ocimumgratissium for the Management of type -2 -diabetes. Pacific International Journal, 1(3), 111–115.