Comparison study of two different varieties of pea (Pisumsativum) crop under different quality of water


  • Muhammad Tariq Sarwar
  • Muhammad Adrees
  • Zhan Han hui
  • Shi Weijiang
  • Ahsan Maqbool



quality of water, Agricultural, irrigation, sustainability of agriculture, wastewater, industrial treated wastewate


Agricultural practices are highly dependent on irrigation while the sustainability of agriculture is directly related to the quality of irrigation water. Industrial wastewater effluents used for agricultural practices due to decrease of water supplies in agroecosystems but unpromising effects on plants physical and chemical properties have been reported. Experiment was carried out to study the effect of textile industry effluent via measuring its different physicochemical properties along with trace heavy metals and also in order to assess its quality to be used being an alternate source of irrigation. The experiment was comprised of three treatments (T1= Canal water, T2= Treated water, T3 = Untreated water). The effects of irrigation water quality on two pea (Pisumsativum) crop varieties (Mateur and Pea09) yield were also significant. T3 produced the highest yield on Pea09 variety followed by T2 and T1 which produced the lowest yield as compared to Mateur variety, respectively. As the evaluated results, it can be used to develop future scenarios for optimization of the industrial treated wastewater for agriculture.


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DOI: 10.55014/pij.v2i4.80
Published: 2019-12-31

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Muhammad Tariq Sarwar, Muhammad Adrees, Zhan Han hui, Shi Weijiang, & Ahsan Maqbool. (2019). Comparison study of two different varieties of pea (Pisumsativum) crop under different quality of water. Pacific International Journal, 2(4), 114–121.