Getting the method of reviving traditional crafts from Malaysian modern pewter craftwork


  • Wei Hu Sultan Idris education university
  • Zainuddin bin Abindinhazir



Traditional culture, Reviving traditional crafts, Modern pewter craftwork, Traditional crafts design, Culture-based education


It is a common sense that every country pays attention to protecting and developing own traditional crafts, as one component of traditional cultures which can benefit to protect national memory, unite people, promote cultural confidence, and economic progress. How to develop and revive one traditional craft in contemporary markets is not easy thing for every country due to be difficult for traditional crafts adapting to the new social conditions, and not many successful examples referenced effectively. The traditional pewter craft as one ancient craft has a long history in China, Britain and other traditional making-pewter countries, but in modern time, there is a revival and success in Malaysia. The Malaysian modern pewter craftwork gets many important domestic and international awards; the Malaysian pewter companies acquire many famous traditional making-pewter companies in the world. The pewter craftwork has become one famous business card in Malaysian cultures and tourism industry. This article takes the case study of research method and tries to analyze the reason of the success Malaysian modern pewter craftwork achieved in modern markets, and reveals and concludes the effective methods and experiences of developing healthily a traditional craft in contemporary markets. It is a culture-based education and referential meaning to designers for getting a set of practical and effective methods of designing and reviving traditional crafts in contemporary conditions, this way can make traditional craftwork attracting and satisfying more customers in the world markets.


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DOI: 10.55014/pij.v7i2.564
Published: 2024-04-20

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Hu, W., & Abindinhazir, Z. bin. (2024). Getting the method of reviving traditional crafts from Malaysian modern pewter craftwork. Pacific International Journal, 7(2), 59–67.