Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation: Exploring Cross-cultural Elements in Contemporary Chinese Piano Compositions


  • Yingna Zhao Philippine Women's University




Chinese piano music; Cultural significance; Cross-cultural elements; Music education; Cultural identity;


With the globalization of music education, the piano has emerged as a universally embraced instrument, serving as a conduit for cultural exchange. Chinese piano music, a fusion of traditional Chinese and Western cultures, occupies a crucial position in global music education. This study investigates the cultural significance, impact on cultural identity, cross-cultural elements, and pedagogical approaches associated with contemporary Chinese piano compositions. Through qualitative analysis of survey data collected from 30 music majors at Yunnan University of the Arts Wenhua College, several key findings emerged. Chinese piano music plays a vital role in representing contemporary Chinese culture on a global stage, harmonizing traditional elements with innovative approaches. Engagement with this genre positively influences cultural identity and pride among students, fostering a deeper connection to their heritage. The study identifies cross-cultural elements and innovative techniques in Chinese piano compositions, providing insights for educators and composers. Furthermore, it highlights the need for a more balanced representation of Chinese piano music in music education curricula, addressing gaps and biases in current pedagogical approaches. Overall, this study contributes to a deeper understanding of contemporary Chinese piano music's cultural significance and its implications for music education, cultural diplomacy, and compositional innovation.


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DOI: 10.55014/pij.v7i2.571
Published: 2024-04-20

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Zhao, Y. (2024). Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation: Exploring Cross-cultural Elements in Contemporary Chinese Piano Compositions. Pacific International Journal, 7(2), 80–84. https://doi.org/10.55014/pij.v7i2.571