The Role of Continuing Education in Lifelong Learning: A Quantitative Study in Two Universities in China


  • JIANG QI Philippine Christian University



Continuing education, Lifelong learning, Student attitudes, Student engagement, China.


This quantitative study explores the role of continuing education (CE) in fostering lifelong learning among students in two universities in China: Hunan University of Science and Technology and Changsha University of Science and Technology. The research investigates students' attitudes, perceptions, and engagement levels towards continuing education, aiming to provide insights into the effectiveness of existing CE programs and identify areas for improvement. A structured questionnaire was administered to 300 undergraduate and graduate students, utilizing Likert scale responses. Results indicate a balanced representation across gender identities, with varying levels of engagement across academic years and fields of study. The majority of respondents report prior experience with CE, indicating proactive engagement in lifelong learning activities. Findings also reveal a generally positive outlook towards lifelong learning, with high levels of agreement on the importance of self-directed learning, adaptability, and openness to new ideas. Engagement with CE activities is predominantly positive, with strong participation in industry conferences, online courses, and additional certifications. Participants perceive CE as positively influencing academic performance, career prospects, and personal growth. The study underscores the significance of integrating CE initiatives into educational frameworks to support holistic student development and promote lifelong learning. It emphasizes the importance of addressing barriers to access and enhancing skills development within CE programs to empower students for success in today's dynamic job market.


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DOI: 10.55014/pij.v7i2.597
Published: 2024-04-20

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QI, J. (2024). The Role of Continuing Education in Lifelong Learning: A Quantitative Study in Two Universities in China. Pacific International Journal, 7(2), 190–196.