Corporate Social Responsibility in The Sustainable Development Of Bangladesh: An Overview


  • Mohammad Ahsan Ullah



CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, BANGLADESH, CSR, environmentally sustainable, socially equitable business practices, development of Bangladesh, sustainable development of Bangladesh


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is gaining fast global acceptance as a standard to assume environmentally sustainable and socially equitable business practices. Sustainable development, on the other, is emerged as a new development paradigm to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The study aims at investigating CSR activities in the way of sustainable development of Bangladesh. In doing so, extensive desk study and literature survey were done. Although internationally CSR is being practiced in the way of sustainable development widely, Bangladesh is still lagging behind. The difference between the world standard and the practice in Bangladesh shows the lacking here and the scope for further development. There are many challenges to implement CSR in Bangladesh. But its future and prospects are good. Companies can contribute to social and environmental objectives, through integrating CSR as a strategic investment into their core business strategy, management instruments and operations leading to the sustainable development of Bangladesh.


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DOI: 10.55014/pij.v3i3.99
Published: 2020-09-30

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Mohammad Ahsan Ullah. (2020). Corporate Social Responsibility in The Sustainable Development Of Bangladesh: An Overview. Pacific International Journal, 3(3), 63–72.