Crossing, Leaping and Transcendence:Analysis of Pakistani Film and TV dramas Released in China


  • Jun Inner Mongolia Honder College of Arts and Sciences



Pakistan, Film and television works, the Belt and Road, Cultural communication


Abstract: The friendship between Pakistan-China is deeply rooted in the hearts of people of the two countries. The exchanges and mutual learning through the film, television and drama playeda  significance role to strengthen the bond among the people of both countries. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries, the exchange of film and television products have gone through ups and downs, and the dissemination of Pakistani film and television products have also experienced twists and turns. In 2020, the Pakistani film " Parwaaz Hai Junoon " was released in China, which aroused some response and gave impetus to cultural exchanges. It also open doors for Pakistani films and drama in China. Despite the improvement of the quantity and quality of Pakistani film and television products, these could not spread in China mainland at greater extent, with the advent of the era of "mixed war", the conflict of values has become a problem that should be addressed in film and television communication. The bilateral political trust, ideological security demand at present, ask for promotion of cross-cultural communication through film and television products. There should be mechanisms, which can help to overcome obstacles actively, expand new path, clever use of all kinds of social and short video platform.  Pakistani film in China should also ensure communication quality at all level and at the same time boost the cooperation between two countries field of film and television products. The in-depth exchanges and high-level mutual learning in the fields of film and television between China and Pakistan are worth looking forward to.



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DOI: 10.55014/pij.v5i2.188
Published: 2022-06-30

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Jun. (2022). Crossing, Leaping and Transcendence:Analysis of Pakistani Film and TV dramas Released in China. Pacific International Journal, 5(2), 19–30.